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Is it sad or is it true

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Is it sad or is it true????
i wanna discuss reality and truths and if im just angry and bitter or if most people feel the same..
The people suffering here the people with mental health problems are the ---- good people in the world the honest caring people that spend their lives looking after everyone else the people that try the hardest and care the most.
Where the people that are fine are the people that dont care at all, the people that dont bother working and still get paid more than most , people that dont try and still manage to come out ahead of everyone .
I know there is a million different people with a million different circumstances and beliefs but i personally have observed the better person you are the worse your life .

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Nic1233

"Im numb,..uncaring, unwanted, irelavent, and constantly being told i
dont belong."

This does not sound at all like the person that gave comfort (and wisdom) to Sarah after those two deaths.

Uncaring, irrelevant and not belonging ? I don't think so.

OK I can answer your question ,but it depends upon what you value out of life. True the ruthless and dishonest -may- amass fortunes, but it comes at a price -contempt for others and judging everyone like themselves. It means there can be no trust, true companionship or .. well you can supply the rest of the list.

Is that what you value ? I doubt it.

You have found this place full of amazing people, and have the seeds of that in yourself.

Getting rid of suicidal thoughts -and the booze - is not that easy a journey, but it is much easier with professional help and friends to lend encouragement to counteract everything the does not go quite right.

I was suicidal, felt worthless, everything my fault and little or no desirable qualities -and wanted it all to end.

Now I lead a life so different, with accomplishment, able to give as well as receive support, and loved and loving. No great riches, enough to pay the utility bills so I'm content. I would not swap.

Depression narrows the focus of the mind down to a few insoluble problems that take up all one's thoughts, effectively blinding a person to the whole world -and their own good qualities.

That was me.

I've mentioned two problems you have to cope with. What thoughts do you have about accomplishing that?

I look forward to your reply


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Thank you croix, sorry im not quite sure why i wrote that i quess at the time i was feeling like everyone around me was financially and physically better off than me when i actually work hard and do my best when there on the dole and not paying for a thing. Guess im a little impulsive on my opinions .. im glad to hear you changed your life for the better i hope i manage to get to that point sooner rather than later. Thank you for the support and advice. Stay well and take care

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Nic1233~

If you simply yell out when frustrated, -hasty or not - no harm done, in fact it might do some good -everyone needs to communicate.

May I gently point out one of my experiences?

I spent a lot of time at one point in my life dealing with people on benefits. I would not swap for anything. The majority by far did not have anything like enough money or other benefits for basics. I remember when open fires were removed from state housing and electric heaters installed. Many went cold, where as before they could scrounge wood and have a fire, now no money, no heat. Live in bed to keep warm.

I suppose everyone can point to exceptions, even so ...

From the way you assist others I'd say you are already well on your way to a a more comfortable (in every way) life and I have no doubt you are doing your best and work hard, something to be proud of.