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Anger over stupid things

Community Member

I broke my little toe today (not the first time) and I really wanted to blame somebody and yell at them. I didn't but I hobbled around the house all day huffing and puffing and making it clear to everyone that their presence was very inconvenient. Absolutely ridiculous but even at my mature age I can behave like a child

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Community Champion



wanting to blame someone is "dare I say" normal. It is something I do if I stub my toe on something. Whatever it was I stubbed my toe on must not have been there yesterday and so someone put have done something. It easier than saying I was not looking. But we are also human. 

Community Champion
Community Champion



I'm sorry to hear that you broke your little toe, I can't even imagine how much that hurts.


Sometimes even the smallest things can cause us to have reactions that feel disproportionate to the scale of the event. This is fairly normal, and can be attributed to a variety of different reasons. Insufficient sleep is one reason. Perhaps a build-up of other stressful events in your life, such that irritability is born from seemingly minor incidents. Sometimes all we need to do is take a step back and give our minds a little rest. 


Wishing you a speedy recovery with your toe. 


Take care, SB

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Hi jenjenjen,

I hope you are feeling better today and that the toe isn't as bad.

Contrary to what you wrote, we mature adults get annoyed at stuff like breaking toes. I too at my age hope that I get to the end of life without doing something like that. It's just an inconvenience right now. Especially after everything that we've all been through. And why does a little toe hurt so badly?


I hope for your sake that it's much better today.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi jenijenjen,


Im sorry you broke your toe I understand this would have felt  painful.


Sometimes we do react in an angry way I understand.


The people in your presence may have felt this too.


Sometimes when the water is boiling it’s hard to see clearly but ones it settles then everything becomes clear.


How are you feeling about the way you reacted around others?


We can always work on our reactions it just takes practice.






Thanks everyone, my toe feels much better today. Petal22, in answer to your question I felt a little guilty but also glad that I didn't lash out in a big way

That’s ok 😊


Its ok to feel what you feel sometimes I think it’s a healing way just to accept the emotions and then forgive yourself for your reaction and then try to just let it go and and move forward.


I like to use these moments as learning so the next time something arises I can try to react in a different way by practicing this it helps us from within with our emotions and also practicing the concept of letting go is very rewarding.


But it all takes practice.


Have a nice day and I’m glad your toe is feeling better 😊