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A picture worth a thousand words?

Community Member

I left some pictures here. ranging from sad to good. How do you feel about any picture?

1. Father with an IQ of 7 has to fight the government from taking his daughter

(Mean women government lawyers smirking)


2. You don't like real girls - Blade Runner 2049

(Agent/officer on quest being poked at by hookers)


3. Father with an IQ of 7 has to fight the government from taking his daughter

(kind handicapped men being friends)


4. Final Scene of "Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice upon a time"

(the open hand of wife and companion)


"You do not have permission to upload images"

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Community Champion
Community Champion
Dear NonStampCollectorFan~
Well I'm not sure if you actually tried to post those images or if in fact "You do not have permission to upload images" is an ironic statement at the bottom of your post.
I guess even without the images I can work out you are attempting to show a progression however while you have explained it is "from sad to good" I'm probably not getting the  most out of the ideas as you have a wider film experience than I do.
While I know the general premise of "Father with an IQ of 7 has to fight the government from taking his daughter" I've no idea at what stage the government lawyers feature -or if they win.
I can place the Blade-Runner scene which will lead to a touching attempt for real contact from a holographic life form, but again am stumped by the story behind "Thrice upon a time"
I guess this is a thought provoking post and I'm glad you made it, I'll even give you an image in return:
Finally with a touch of triste - Blade Runner 2049
(Ana Stelline and Deckard place their hands together on each side of the glass)

Ta for the reply The phrase "You do not have permission to upload images" appears at the bottom in red when trying to embed a image in the text message. In a platform such as "facebook" you can get illustrations included (I'm no longer with facebook since 2014) Anyhow people come to sites such as "BeyondBlue" to escape or at the least get mental relief from the trials and tribulations that they are facing in their lives. But with that said, it can become another brick in the wall if their troubles are contained in the name of "safety". I really don't want to hurt nor trouble other patrons any more than they already are but being new here it was compelled to try and get something out of it.


Images are controversial (if they are not then is it just hollow small-talk?)

The titles such as "father with IQ of 7" is a Youtube title refering to the 2001 movie "I am Sam"

Blade Runner 2049 is really Blade  Runner part 2

And "Thrice Upon a Time" Is a movie that got released in 2021 but the drama cartoon started in 1997. on SBS called "Neon-Genesis" - It's a "heavy" drama that started out as robots fighting but delved into sexuality, mental health, star-trek and religion. Not everyone's cup of tea as it more artisticly potent than a Stanly Krubrik flick - you love it or hate it.

Anyways that pic was the "Disney part" where they live happily ever after and my eyes about as "beyond blue" as you can get.

Hi NonStampCollectorFan,


I don't know the movies. Think I get the Blade Runner one because I saw the original Blade Runner, long ago now...


I included a red heart emoji which I had previously 'borrowed' from another person here, because my Windows MS red heart emoji woulld not appear red. I have copied their's into a word document , & tried to use it here on BB, I experimented & pasted it back into my word document & it came up big. BB's emojis I copy into my word document come up big. I hoped to use one, if when I pasted it into the text field here,  if it was now big.. but no, I got the message about not having permission to upload images. 😾so I sick with the normal emojis. The emojis I have from Windows/MS change to appear as BB's look now. Theyare easier for me to access, is all. But, if I want the red heart, looking red I have to use BBs directly.


Other than emojis, the only image you can upload here is your Profile Picture. This isn't Facebook with all the resources that big company has. 


With regards to profile pictures, there are rules around what images can be allowed.


I hope you understand. 😺


Thank you for further explanation.  I like the reference "to Disney Part"  & your eyes being about as "beyond Blue" as they can get. 😺 Are you just a little cynical? I mean, would you like endings more ambiguous?