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Unable to seek professional help, where do I go

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I just created a profile here today, in desperate need of help. I’m currently sitting in my car outside my GP’s office. Had an appointment 30 minutes ago, but was unable to go in because I just can’t stop crying. I tried to prepare myself for how the conversation would go on the drive here, but I’m even unable to say it out loud to myself, as I just cry and cry, unable to say a word.

I’ve lived with anxiety for 3 years, and have been able to live a very good life through meditation, working out and breathing techniques. But now I’m facing week 5 of very intense anxiety without a single break. I can’t see the end of it and think I need help to get out of it this time, but where do I go? Talking to my GP just seems like an impossible task to me right now

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Champion Alumni

Hello Sonja90,

I'm so sorry for what you are feeling. I wish I could give you a hug.

I've been where you are and my heart hurts for you. Please pick up the phone and call the Beyond Blue team on 1300 22 4636. If you can't pick up the phone, please use the webchat function to speak to the Beyond Blue team (link here: https://online.beyondblue.org.au/Webmodules/chat/InitialInformation.aspx). They are all trained and experienced to help you through this. Please, please, please use these services if you can't make it into the GP.

The first step is doing that. You don't need to think about anything else for now, that's for future you. But, right now, pick up the phone or use the webchat function.

You are surrounded by people who have experienced similar thing here. And you are not alone.

Here if you want to talk more. I'm so proud of you for this post. You've asked for help and that is so brave. Please know that.

G x

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Hi Sonja90

Welcome to BB. I can relate to feeling unable to speak or express myself to my GP as that can feel very overwhelming.

I have ended up writing down what I needed to say and giving it to my GP to read which was such a relief as it is stressful enough without having to get my thoughts in order too.

Perhaps you could try doing that? I hope this has been of some help to you.


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Hi Sonja90,

I completely understand how you feel and also have been managing my mental health with natural techniques and lifestyle choices, however, Covid has made this so, so hard to manage alone. I also have no idea who to talk to anymore, everyone is so caught up in their own experience that they cant even listen. However, I would like to suggest something to you that may be helpful. You mentioned that you aren't able to say how you feel aloud without crying, (I am sure this is attributed to the self doubt and shame your anxiety is tricking you to feel). However, speaking about what you are going through and being honest with yourself and others is such a big step in over coming anxiety. So my tip is, write a brutally honest letter to yourself about everything you are feeling and going through. Don't read it, burn it after. This activity can be an amazing way to open up and release.

Also, never be afraid to call on the spot, over the phone support, I call lifeline all the time and they really help me in moments on need.

Good luck,

You are not alone. x

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Sonja90,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way…

I understand anxiety I had severe anxiety OCD……. the anxiety that accompanied this disorder was very severe and intense! It was horrible……

I thought I have to get help for this I can’t keep feeling this way…….. I decided to turn around and face it head on! It was the BEST thing I ever did….. yes it was a hard confronting thing to do but this first step took me on an amazing journey…… at the time I didn’t know what blessings were coming my way …. But now that I have recovered from this condition I’m flying and you can too! You are so much stronger than you know….. so much stronger! Please take that first step walk into that doctors office and ask for help tell your doctor how your anxiety is affecting your life…… your doctor will understand……

You could take someone with you to the doctors they could wait in the waiting room while you see the doctor…

or you could write a list on a piece of paper what you want to talk to the doctor about, you could hand the doctor the list or read off the list…… I use to do this……

Your first step towards recovery is seeing your gp that was my first step… we did a mental health plan together, I was put on a antidepressant to help me to manage my anxiety, I saw a clinical psychologist, psychiatrist who diagnosed me and I did a 8 week group therapy for my OCD…… I’ve been recovered for 4 years going strong….

I know you can do this… step forward

im here to chat

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Hi Sonya90

2 weeks ago I too had to go to my Dr to get a mental health plan. Took me 5 days to get an appointment. Originally I had arranged a telehealth appointment to avoid going to the surgery. 1st of all they forgot to call which had me walking around the house with tears in my eyes for hours, until I made the call to them. He finally called right after only to tell me he couldn't give me a mental health plan over the phone. Knowing I had missed my opportunity and would have to make a new appointment I completely lost it on the phone. He set me at ease by squeezing me in at the end of his day. I made my way down and the thought of telling him why I needed the plan had me crying without stop. I finally got called in to the office and I couldnt get the words out from the sobbing & crying. He took his time with me and made the effort to make me feel comfortable enough to express what was happening & what & why I needed the mental health plan. Like you I sat in the car, but for me my marriage is a stake and I put that above fear. One of the rare moments I have been strong recently. Saving marriage is the most important thing to me right now so I was willing to do whatever it takes to get in that door. Seems odd really as its also the reason I am suffering to such an extent right now as well.

Try and make that effort to get in the door even if it means crying right through the consultation. I know its easier said than done. But you are worth the effort.