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Returned to work

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I’ve been on work cover for around 10/11 months due to work place injury, bullying, assault and numerous other things happend I’ve been sent to a new location ( temporarily) while I adjust to returning to work , today was first day back It was hard I was lumped in a role I’ve never done ( receptionist) Recived no training just answer phones take notes which is way stressing when I don’t know clients procedures or  even the telephone systems or who to ask for help no one was available despite me asking numerous times for help . I can’t say how I felt after leaving work all of 3 hours work left me sweating profusely and literally panicked state of mind then to top it off I got a snarky email from my nasty return to work co ordinator due to apparently me missing something in a timesheet I submitted and that was my fault given I’ve never had to do timesheets and again no one was around to assist me to complete these tasks . My dad says I should quit and after today I feel I should I I’mvery overwhelmed by today’s awful work day and told my new boss that too . I dread going into work tomorrow , how do others deal with returning to work after long absence and mental health problems I have anxiety and depression Re what happened at my original work site yes I am requesting a new return to work co ordinator 

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sorry your return to ( try ) to work was sucky I cannot believe they would send you home ( do u have a return to work plan? I don’t know if I’d tolerate that myself I’d be on the phone to the insurance (WC & tell them ur work is not following ur return to work plan they can get big fines for that cause it’s non compliance to follow WC which is bad news financially for the company . 

yes WC is better than no help at all for sure I don’t know about the  insurance refusal to pay for ur treatment u need to speak to WC directly about that as that’s so hard , my WC insurance pays for everything psych , counselling I did have a shoulder injury too but that has recovered.  The mind takes longer to heal especially with jobs not behaving as they should , 


my days lately are busy with lots really I walk up to two hours a day ,  if im not walking I’m in counseling or at home tidying or whatever, I’m  busy probably  deliberately so ,I don’t really sit much but if I do I watch really bad tv in the afternoon then I’m busy with my daughter in the afternoon . I find my moods fluctuating a bit like urs I get annoyed, sad depressed . I don’t really feel like why me ,more annoyed the person/ people who did this to me get to go to work and I get terminated it’s funny but also unfair & maddening but the other side of me is actually relieved I never have to go back there like I’m free I can do / go somewhere else and that’s ok too


. I have tried the no win /no fee lawyer thing but cause I’m still in recovering mode they won’t take me on cause I have to be fully healed b4 going to a lawyer I’m not sure why but that’s what they have told me but trying to find a paid lawyer to get my entitlements . 

what do u do to keep busy ? At home on WC? Any hobbies things that make u happy / relaxed? Do u have good support  network  ? I I find my sister very helpful &!- good listener & support she’s helped me a lot to find myself again  

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Hiya Blues

Yeah I have a rtw plan but because I cant do my old task apparently my company says they haven't got a role they can put me into on my new restrictions. Personally I think its a load of crap but if they don't want me to work and chill at home that's their choice not mine. I was willing to do anything till my rtw provider found something else for me so what can I do.  the funny thing is they tried to tell me I had to use my annual leave because i was not working, just more stress to look at but checked with my lawyer who said no way. I enjoyed relaying that to my company lolol.   I'll look into the legal side of things when I talk to my lawyer but for now I'm stuck at home chillin. Think here in the west they may be different rules as the insurer can choose if they will accept liability for a condition or injury. They are paying for some psych treatment without accepting liability for my depression, (explain that to me). I'm still waiting on another operation to my knees aggravated by my work injury and they wont accept liability for that so that's before the lawyers as well. Your right about the mind taking a long time to heal, hopefully once all this is over I'll go back to how I used to be, not sure if that's a good thing or not loll.

Today I've had a quiet day sunbathing and watching tv, facebook and on here, yesterday I was busy doing stuff round the house and front garden to keep me busy, not sure I could do 2 hours a day walking especially in one go. My kids have all moved out so I can avoid that task.

I know what you mean about being annoyed about how comes I'm the one terminated while the other person isn't affected. Its actually great I  don't have to go back to that toxic workplace with the way they treat people and yeah can feel free to look elsewhere once i get as good as I'm going to, hopefully in 6 months or so physically, mentally who knows. You have a great attitude about your outlook into the future also, your not going to be how you are now or how you feel, in time it can all be healed and you will be your old self. 

I'd really check that lawyer thing out Blues, What is your name if you wanna say, I'm Jeff by the way.

I signed up my lawyer and still not fully healed, think my lawyer still has to get me checked over physically and mentally to see what to claim off insurers. Makes a big difference having a lawyer and takes some of the stress away. If you go FB check out some of the ads on their or goggle some Blues, unless its different where you are you can get a lawyer at anytime even a few weeks after you get injured. When we get to the stages we are now its so important you get every cent you can to keep you going especially as you have a daughter to care for.

OK get ready for this Blues and no laughing, to keep busy I like to do housework hoovering, mopping anything like that, dishes, cleaning stuff etc etc, stop laughing lolol 

If I'm not in my piny I find stuff to do in the garage or garden, love going to the shops but spend to much, watch tv, FB, cooking, bbq, sunbathe, keep saying I'm going to the beach but so far i haven't made it down there yet. I used to fight fires which I loved doing but had to leave due to work commitments.

I try to keep most of how I feel to myself rather than dump it on others I know, I've always been pretty selective about friends as so many people tend to be 2 faced and with me trust is a big issue.  I really open to the psych who gets paid to listen and advise and I guess on here. 

How do you think you changed from the old you to how you were at your worst and now improving.

How do you find sleeping. 

Do you feel happier now and less stressed. 

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Hi Jeff ,


thanks for your reply , my name is Emily. In regards to your annual leave no you don’t have to use that ( my job did the same to me but b4 my claim was approved) they just tell u  to use ur to save ur leave accumulating during WC ( as it builds up while ur on leave ) try to not use ur annual leave if u can .  My work was also the same when I first tried to return they said oh u can’t do one task so therefore u can’t come back ( I personally wish I hadn’t but the insurance company told them if I could do all the other tasks then why can’t I return so I went back into I was abused by my RTWC and most recently terminated cause they had no roles 4 me which is hilarious cause of the sector I work in  then they come back to me a month after termination and want to talk about terminating me again cause they didn’t do it properly the first time so I’m still fighting that battle at the moment) 


I don’t know about the lawyer thing I don’t know the rules may be different in my state than urs as to why the access to getting one is different not sure about it but definitely looking into it I have a few appointments next week with lawyers ect.  


Your situation with your claim is so complicated I don’t know if it’s not right they can pick and choose injury’s when ur injury is from work it’s difficult that’s for sure so are u gonna go GP for your knees ? Care plan can get u 4 free ( bulk billed treatments) 


I haven’t told everyone the issues but I have told my family most people know I’m not working which they find highly unusual cause I’ve worked since I was 14 so it’s like people ask I don’t say too much but it is what it is

At my worst I can be very anxious, I fluctuate between anger & anxiety usually the anxiety kicks off first and the anger comes afterwards depending on the mood & what’s triggered it.  Mostly on bad days or if my anxiety peaks . Or  If I have communication from work I panic and takes me 2 days to respond or think of a response that’s not too spicy and have to rewrite I constantly feel panicked if my work contacts me it lasts for days it’s really horrible.


on good days with no triggers im mostly me but a different kind of me im more assertive , . I used to b very very nice almost like a door mat couldn’t use my voice whereas now i have no problem saying something if i dont like something could b good could b bad i find most of the time im a bit like my old self but there are chances of course. 

now i guess i dont know just need to find a path ,, i dont know if im positive about the future i dont like to think about it but nothing ever stays the same its constantly changing so i hope that things can change. 

cleaning is very good busy stuff I like cleaning too but its pointless house stays clean for a day if less then I’m like I’m not cleaning anymore today . I like gardening that’s the best thing and walking a lot . The good thing about being home is to relax and just do day to day things . What is a piny ? Is that like a tin boat ? lol be fun if it’s a little boat . 

You are more than welcome.

Interaction with another going through a similar experience currently will be supportive for you both. 
I wish you both all of the best dealing with “this” .

Most of all do not stop believing in yourselves.


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Hi Emily,

Seems companies like to try it on on every front they can, as for them abusing you that's so out of order and wrong. No one deserves to be abused in their workplace or treated this way with taskings once their on a rtw program. So far my insurer and rtw provider hasn't told my company they need to let me back and find roles for me. How can they terminate you twice over the same issue ? sounds like they broke some rules or work law and now want to rectify it by trying again to get it right. Don't let them terminate you again until you get some advice regarding compo and workplace law, it could affect any claim / pay-out you have Emily. 

Maybe the rules regarding lawyers are different state by state, here in wa you can get lawyer anytime during your claim and injury and seen some ads for other states as well. Don't give up on that front as i realised its so important to make sure you get everything your entitled to. Don't sign anything from work either or let them terminate / close your claim until you get advice or you can lose everything

My situation is a bit complicated as one injury was done at work and the others are old and new injuries aggravated or caused by the main one. My present work related injury is now medically as good as its going to get so no return to my old role while the others are being treated with Medicare / bulk billed public hospitals but they could be added to any pay-out depending on the legal advice. 

I've also been working since I was 14 / 15 without a break unless I wanted one, pretty easy to get a job if you want one until you hit the walls of injury and mental health which  can limit things but I'm hoping in time we both will move forward to our previous self's. You don't have to tell everyone things you aren't comfortable telling them even family. It's up to you how much you say or who you talk to within your trust and comfort levels.

Anger and anxiety with me seems to fluctuate and just adds to my moods and depression and come on by either a trigger or for no reason. Just thinking about the situation can start my downward spiral and get me emotional and depressed, thinking to much about it, what if that happens or this happens and try to play out things in my head even though I've no idea if they will happen. I'm pretty good at dealing with work now especially once I have legal advice and would be so easy to get spicy with them but saving that up for later.

When work does contact you think of it as they are the enemy now and the ones that have treated me badly and with no respect, they're trying to justify their actions and limit my entitlement due to their actions, your the powerful one in this situation, your work is struggling to justify their actions so they should be panicking not you. Try to think how strong you are and can be when you need to deal with these issues no matter what triggers they pull on you. Stop for a minute, take a few real deep breathes and say I can handle this, I'm a strong woman and these people aren't going to make me weak. If anything does make you feel horrible ask yourself do I deserve to feel like this though something that isn't my fault at all. 

hehe you a doormat, I cant see you as that, maybe kind-hearted and a bit soft at times but not a doormat, although i guess at times we all do things we'd rather not do or be mean in our answers to others, me included but now no more. I think its great you don't put up with crap off people anymore and say how you feel. No one has the right to make you feel bad or take advantage of you for their own gain to make them feel good and you bad. 

Your old self is on the way to being reborn with a lot of the new you for the future, That new path will come as time goes on Emily, Change is happening everyday whether you like it or not because nothing in life stays the same. It's now how you handle the change and use it for your benefit which I'm sure you can do with that new inner confidence and self-worth. 

Yeah I know what you mean about cleaning but just gives me stuff to do when I wanna be busy and pass time.

Being home has made me more relaxed and gives me time to deal with things as well as just chill and do other things. A piny (maybe spelt wrong) is an apron. 😂 although I agree a small boat (called a tinny) would be loads of fun. You have me thinking now of a small inflatable rubber boat for summer on the beach. Used to have one but it eventually got a hole in it.

do you like the beach, ocean. 



Thanks so much emotions your support thru out all this has been great  don’t b a stranger 

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Hi Jeff 


im glad u not have to RTW yet rest as long as u can.  I’m not sure what my job is doing I think they forgot the viral step of a medical assessment b4 the first termination ( based on no suitable duties for me ) the 2nd try is based on my non bodily form being at work as in presentations when I have no capacity to return to pre injury location yes I’m speaking to a couple  of lawyers about it this week I’ve kinda removed all emotional attachment to my job it’s now just another thing to battle and no I haven’t signed or agreed to anything I fight them all the way . Yes I live the beach I’m lucky enough to live not far from the beach. How are you feeling about  how things r going with u ? 

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Hi Emily,

All I can do is rest now until they find me something else to do. Without an assessment not sure how they could of said they have no suitable duties for you and now the 2nd try is really because they never assessed you in the first termination. I have removed all emotional attachments to my old job as well and trying to look to the future and the paths forward. One thing that will help us both is to win our fights with companies that don't care about their employees and get what we are entitled to for the physical and mental torment they have put us though. Stay strong Emily and best wishes for your lawyer appointments, make sure they understand your position and need for legal help which will take some of the pressure off you which will ease your mental health as well. Just remember this won't last forever and in time we will return to our former selves. 

Well another week is over and the next about to begin so feeling one week closer to the end of all this and some questions getting answered. Think I have an interview this week for volunteering at a hospital, isn't a job but could open a door to one maybe, my rtw provider organised it and you know how I feel about them 😂😂.

Apart from that another week like the last week and seeing what happens. Think the weather is going to warm up this week with a few days in the 30's. Might get to top up the tan lolol. At times its hard to feel anything to do with this. When no progress is made it makes me feel down which isn't that good as I tend to snack more, lost weight then put it back on. hehe 

Wants your plans for the week apart from lawyers, how ru feeling Emily.?

Thank you blues

I appreciate you letting me know that. It is easy to fall into the trap of should I or what if?

I am fine. I do think that it is beneficial to be writing to someone in a similar situation as you at the same time as you. More spontaneous.

Take care and say hello whenever you want. I am not on here every day but will get back to you. Do take care. 

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Hi Jeff 


Thanks for your kind words .i heard again from my job they saying I wasn’t terminated last month still wanting medical release forms im trying to push the issue that they did indeed terminate me last month ( yes they missed a step and going oh we better do that now .) unfortunately i can only get in to see a lawyer next week my initial appointment got rescheduled due to the lawyer being in court this week so panic stations back to square 1 with being like UM but its ok im managing as best i can .keeping busy as usual. its always nice volunteer work I want to do that too to get some experience  in a different field but definitely not hospital too close to aged care for my like my liking lol but  so exciting for u , are u excited about that interview or a bit anxious? It’s a new path which can be exciting / scary at the same time . I know what u mean on the snacking side of things but ive lost heaps  of weight so I can kinda snack and justify it as much as I’m walking a lot I still need to burn more than what I have been I get down on the situation too , how do u find coping when ur down what gets ur mind off things ( me it’s walking but sometimes that doesn’t always work unless I walk a strenuous distance. This week is packed for me I’ve got drs appointments, personal & WC appointments, Halloween which is a fun fun time , birthday on the weekend and a bit busy until Fri. . How’s ur week looking? Are u looking forward to the weekend ? Yes finally got weather here in a few days ( hot is 24 degrees lately lol it’s been 16 to 18 to 20 which is a bit poor weather for late spring. My tan is topped up I  tan easy I’m outdoors a lot . How was ur day today ?