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Parent support for teen with anxiety

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We have a 13 year old who is suffering from anxiety.  He symptoms have become worse over the last few weeks with the return to school.  We are seeing a psychologist with her, however our household is breaking down quicker than any positive changes can occur and I don't know what to do.

Does anyone know of a support group for parents dealing with a teen with anxiety?

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


I'm so sorry to read how you are struggling with your 13-year-old's anxiety and returning to school. Unfortunately I am not away of any groups. Perhaps the psychologist might know? In your post you also mentioned things are falling apart quicker than ... I hope you don't mind my asking (and please do not feel that you have to answer and) what sort of things are the happening in terms of falling apart?


On the plus side ... it's great that you have a psychologist working with your teen. However, I know first-hand how slowly progress can feel when you're in the middle of the turmoil. (I know this is a different situation to what you are going through, but when I started getting help for myself, I was hoping for a timeline when things would get better.) Please don't lose hope - with professional support and your loving guidance, things can and will improve over time.


In the meantime, try to make some time to practice self-care for yourself and others in the family. The calmer and more grounded you can be, the better you can weather the storms. What sort of support do you h have in terms of terms of family or friends for emotional support?


One day at a time, with help and care for the whole family, I hope you'll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.



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I used to struggle with anxiety too, grow.org.au does some support group programs.  struggling with anxiety was a huge thing for me until i started doing exercise like going to gym but everone has their own passion. time is a great healer and so is finding a connection to something. wishing you only good things to come!