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Obsession with neighbours dog

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Hello everyone, I think I'm becoming obsessive about the welfare of my neighbours dog. I'm sure he's fine, but if I dont hear or see him (and its been nearly 2 weeks now), I obsess and dont know what to do, this dog is continually in my thoughts. Ive texted the neighbour to see if we can chat as we dont really get on, but she hasnt replied as yet. The Animal Welfare Branch here in Darwin is of no help, they have checked the place several times and assured me the dog is fine, and have advised that the dog is receiving the minimal care, and that I should stop "harrassing" my neighbour as its tying up their resources for more urgent cases, totally understand. I dont know what to do?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Ts_1962,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums,


Sounds like you’ve formed an attachment to your neighbours dog, that is so beautiful, that you care so much him….


Maybe your neighbour has decided to keep her dog inside through the hot weather, I have 3 dogs, even though my back door is open they prefer to stay inside where it’s cooler…only going out to toilet then they come back inside….


If your neighbour has caught wind that you’ve put in a report about them, then they probably are a bit annoyed at you…and won’t answer your email to her…


Animal Welfare Leagues are very good at working out if a dog is being cared for properly, if they had any doubts at all,  I’m sure they would do something about it asap….and continue to do welfare checks on the dog….


Talk here anytime, I am an animal lover, especially dogs, do you have a dog of your own?


Kind thoughts,