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Need to be positive help!

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I'm recently going thru a stressful time medically. I've had to have surgery. And of course it takes time to heal! My anxiety and depression has gone. Thru the roof ! I'm stressing and freaking out I have stressful thoughtsvthat it won't heal although my doctors have reassured me that the tissue will take time! But I'm suffering from all this anxiety I'm having trouble trying to control it I just dnt know what to do where to turn to help me thru this' on top of ll this my bf has decided he needs a break and isn't hear to support me! How so I stop my mind from all these negative thoughts? I've ha depression for 8 years or so on and off 😞

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Post-surgical therapy should be available through the medical service you have used, and should have hand-picked specialists for their field to help people recover psychologically from the trauma of surgery.

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Hi Jen Jen ..

Can totally relate to what you feeling...... I had never had surgery or even bot een to hospital for 47 years until I decided to have sleep apnoea surgery..Although I had it wll thoroughly explained to me.... I took it very lightly not really expecting a big deal............until I woke up. They had taken my tonsils out....trimmed my uvula...and took a piece out of the back of my tongue.... I woke up after 24 hours in an induced coma in agony and sat in high dependence for 5 days with even sipping water agony.... Anyway kiddo ....I thought the same .....never gonna heal...its gonna swell and I wont breathe..what made it worse was I couldn't see what was happening so was sure it wasn't healing /I even took myself to the ER as sure something was wrong but there never was...I had a torch down my throat all the time tryin to see what was happening.....anyway .... as sure as I was it was never gonna heal ...was gonna get worse ................. IT DID..  Yes ........ contact the medical service ..Pandora is absolutely right they have people that can help you. I was also lucky to have a great GP who would ring me regularly to see how I was going....he contacted the surgeon to tell him of my anxiety who then made an appt for me to see him and he put a camera down showing me how well it was healing etc. Just wanted to share that even though you sure just as I was ... it heals....and definitely follow Pandoras advice...........contact your GP / Surgeon and they can point you in right direction.

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Hi thanks for replying ! I wasn't aware of that I am going to my doctors tonight shortly I will ask more info then ! I am also seeig my specialist on Monday ! This experience has really brought me to my knees I am usually alot stronger when facing hurdles in life ! Sometimes I think ending my life would be a easier option but then how is that a positive move?

Thank you for replying , yes it was also explained to me but yeah as I woke up and started post op recovery the pain has been intense and at the hospital I wasn't given all the info of what happened I was only told it went well and it healed ! I've been in touch with with specialist a few days later after my surgery and explained that he did a bit more work than initially needed!  I'm glad someone else has has has a similar experience e win tho it hasn't been a pleasant one !  I guess I mentally need to untie the knots! A few times  I wanted to go to the Er but I know they prob just sent me home with pain killers I'm seeing our family doctor tonight and hoping he can ease my mind and help with a direction  !  Because honestly I have never felt so weak in my life x