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its back.....

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i have been pretty flat these last 6 weeks and last night had a realisation: my anxiety is back. its been 3 years and i am still on my medication so thought i was safe but there have been some signs.... fast heart rate, sweating, feeling guilty, having trouble remembering everything that needs to be done, rearranging the house, avoiding uni work, getting really angry, sleeping excessively, not wanting to "bother" my friends and family with my problems, and feeling generally agitated most of the time.

going to the GP soon.....

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I feellike that most days now, does that mean it never really went away?

i don't know what's wrong with me anymore and what's  'normal'. This feels normal as i have certainly felt a hell of a lot worse.  Mind you I seem to be having lots of concentration issues while driving, I'm so focused on thinking about stuff I forget where I'm going.

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hi marley, no i dont think it really is normal: for me its about not dealing with stress properly. going to see a psychologist soon. hopefully that will help! i hope you find something that helps you! 

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Dear Marley & Claire,

I can feel any anxiety coming on and maybe call this a "trigger".   But when I isolate myself with easy activities (i.e. sleeping, listening to music, washing up - it's something to do with using your hands / tactile) I often get told "So, are you gonna pick her up from the City or what ?".   It's as if I must be spurred into action and more stress because a 3rd party determines how much rest I may have !

Adios, David.

PS  Maybe "driving" with "lots of concerntration issues" is similar to driving whilst texting.   But then at least you, Marley, are aware of the problem.