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Is this anxiety?

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I recently went to the dentist, which by the way I'm terrified of so had worked myself up over it, I took 2 days off work, the evening of the derist visit, I had a weird ache in my left arm that went from my forearm into my shoulder & up the side of my neck, it got sharper into the night & I ended up getting checked at a hospital, I had a high heart rate when I arrived & a bit high BP, they did some tests nothing really showed up, sent me home around 3am, I didn't sleep that night at all due to the pain, I woke the next morning & vomited 3 times, I went for a check up at a Drs clinic & still vomited a lot whole I was there. She gave me some anti inflammatory tablets and nausea medication, sent me home. She rang me about an hour later & said she would feel better if I went to the hospital & be monitored for a while, the hospital was that busy I spent over 4 hrs sitting in the waiting room, ecg was ok, only showed a longer than normal heart beat on either the in or out beat, & something showed up on my left lung, either remnants of Covid which I had 3 weeks ago or a small infection just sitting there, they weren't overly worried about it. I had an ultrasound of my arm, heart and lungs all were ok except that small thing on the lung, which they said shouldn't be causing me issues like this....

I am also about to leave a job I've been in for 6 months due to me not liking the management & returning to my old job which I love, so I have about 9 shifts left of the old job, which I feel ok to handle, but definitely looking forward to leaving! 

It's been 5 days since the dentist & getting the other symptoms & I've got no energy at all, still nauseous, not eating much at all due to not feeling hungry, tired but sleeping good, feeling alright mentally....

Could this be anxiety??

I just wonder because my sister had anxiety not that long ago & some similar symptoms, although I don't think she had vomiting, she was going through a really rough time with some issues, but with me I'm just unsure if it would be anxiety or maybe it's something else..... 

  • I've had deep depression 2 times in my life but doesn't feel anything like that & it's been about 13 years since I've had that......
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Grrr~

Welcome here to the Forum. I can well understand how such physical symptoms must be frightening as well as painful and there are of course reasons why a person might suffer great stress at going to the dentist and having a job change, even if it is to a better one.


The symptoms themselves can of course cause ever greater stress.


On that basis it might be logical to suspect it may be due to anxiety. In my own case I've had similar symptoms, however the conclusion it was anxiety did not come easily. Each symptom was thoroughly investigated - more than once.


For any serious bodily condition it really needs to be established beyond doubt there is no physical cause.


So may I suggest you continue to have medical investigations until your doctor is able to diagnose what is wrong. And please remember it is better to use emergency services and find it is a false alarm than to hold off on something that might be serious.


In the meantime life is very difficult for you, would you mind saying if you have anyone to support you,to listen and be there for you? It does make a difference not to face things alone.


Please let us know how you get on