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First Job Search

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I’m 18 and have never worked under employment. In the last few months, I have applied for 50+ positions and heard back from 3 places. But unfortunately, the job locations were not suitable for me. I have always been a bit anxious and sensitive to rejection, so this cycle of failure is really starting to depress me.


I worked really hard on my resume despite the lack of experience I hold. I don’t really want to reach out to friends who are employed so they can refer me. I would feel pathetic and burdensome to them.

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hi strawberry blonde 


good on u for trying/ applying for 50 jobs that’s a huge effort. Having 3 responses is good , u can ask your friends for help why not ? It’s not burdensome at all , friends ask me but I’m currently on work cover soo a bit redundant at the moment to help my friends, in regards to what u think is a fail of your applications , have u submitted a cover letter with your application ? u know introductory letter why ur applying for the position and what skills u have and what u wanted  to learn on the job ur applying 4 , cover letters often get ur foot In the door as lots of applicant don’t use them , are u also applying 4 traineeships / no experience roles ?as this can help also with getting foot in door ,, Also doing some volunteer work can give u Work experience and references and shows u want to work to employment cause ur actually working for free . Remember ur only 18 give it a few more goes and don’t be afraid to ask ur friends for help they will help you out if they can 🙂 you can also go to centerlink they set up a job providing services ( they can help with resumes interview tips jobs available in their provider services that aren’t on seek or job sites also helps give u cash while u look 4 work it’s not much but it helps )

Summer Rose
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You’ve done well to put together your resume and start applying for jobs.  Please, don’t be so hard on yourself; I don’t think anyone finds it easy to look for work and rejection is unfortunately just part of the competitive process. 

Both of my kids at your age also struggled to land their first real job. My daughter wanted to work in a cafe, so she did a one day barista course. She then got dressed up and visited local cafes that she wanted to work at and dropped off her resume. She very quickly got a job.

My son did the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course and gained employment through a friend. It’s okay to ask your friends if their employer is hiring—it won’t get you the job but it will get you in the door and then the rest is up to you. Nothing “pathetic” about that.

I don’t know if sharing their experiences helps because I don’t know what kind of work you’re looking for, but the idea is to get a qualification that helps to make up for the lack of experience. You’re looking for a low cost quick qualification. For example, a first aid certificate may be useful if you want work as babysitter or nanny or in retail.

Volunteer work is also a really great way to gain experience and show potential employers that you are motivated and productive.

Good luck with your search!

Kind thoughts to you

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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


I joined the defence services 4 days after my 17th birthday. It gave me a start in life that paid dividends all my working life. As soon as a prospective employer opened my resume and saw my RAAF certificate (and commendation from my cyclone Tracy effort) he was "sold".  I had 50 professions to choose from, adult pay, cheap rent, meals, dental and medical free. Friendships grew and travel was great around Australia.


I know not all people are suited to defence work but many young people reading will consider it due to the problems you face like finding a job and financial hardship.


Otherwise, have you tried the major fast food outlets? I ask that because lately every time I walk into one there is a sign "employees wanted" and thats in Victoria. Age is no barrier to them nor inexperience.


Finally, your sensitivity is common and might not know that 20% of all people have HSP- Highly Sensitive Person (google it) and as one myself, I'd suggest you embrace that part of you because that is ultra feelings that is a beautiful part of you, it supplies your empathy when you embrace care, love and becoming a truly good human being. 


It is when you have no sensitivity you have a real problem...


Good luck