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Finally get to see a psychiatrist but its not for 2 monthes!!!!!

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Well my doc has organised me to see a psychiatrist but its not until the end of september! I dont know how im going to get through until then. Just thinkinh about it makes me hyperventilate. i see a psycholoist next week though so thats something. Feeling really low at the moment and trying to hold back the tears. I feel soo low right now its not funny. I dont know how to crawl out of this hole thats getting bigger and bigger. i dont know how to get through the next few monthes as i really need to see a psychiatrist asap! I dont know wat else to say so yeh :'(

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Hey Chloe!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I am also tackling anxiety and depression without any medication and I know it's hard. I've often felt like things are getting worse, but I often find that it's my mind playing tricks on me. I think our constant hope/expectation to start feeling better often makes it seem like we are feeling worse when we actually aren't. I like to think back when I'm feeling what I think is "worse than ever" and I often can look back a couple of weeks and realise I've felt the same back then, and I made it through that. 

When I am feeling my worst, I force myself to keep busy, cleaning, exercise, engaging activities like sport or games help to clear my head a bit and take your mind off my worries for a while. Even a long hot shower helps me sometimes, or listening to music. 

I had a pretty horrid day yesterday. I was struggling already and on top of that I got some really bad news which pretty much instantly sent my anxiety into overdrive. it led to a panic attack that night so I didn't really sleep and today I am exhausted. But I know things will improve one way or another. Our minds are pretty amazing organs, it might take a year. It might take 5, but I believe my mind will adapt and learn to control these feelings eventually. As long as I train it to accept anxiety and depression and think positively no matter how bad things get.

Just remember you're not alone 🙂


Hello Manipulator. Thanx for the advice i know a lot of the time its all in my head but the physical symptoms it brings on are awful. Its impossible to describe bad anxiety the best way i can is like havin too much adrenaline in your system and butterfly's in ur tummy but not the ood kind like ur excited for something to happen its like ur waiting for something bad to happen. I had a professional massage late this arvo with my sister and that really helped me let go of a lot of stress and just relax for 40 min. I thoroughly recommend it when u have bad anxiety as it loosens all the knots in ur body that ur brain is trying to control. Well my bed is calling me so im staying positive and hoping 2moro is a better day. Goodnight.