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I feel alone


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Community Champion

Dear Helena1980,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums…


Awe sweetheart I’m so sorry your feeling alone…


You’re never alone here on these forums, I know not the same as real life but,  we are a very caring and friendly community …if you want to talk some more about what’s making you feel so alone or just general want to talk about anything at all….we are all here for you, when we can be…


Hugs Dear Helena with my kindest and most caring thoughts..


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Dear Helena,


I’m so sorry that you feel alone. Reaching out to this forum and sharing your deepest feelings is not easy, it is a brave step. Please know that there is always someone to talk to, on here or even if you call a beyond blue counsellor.


Don’t forget that you also have people in your life who care about you. Is there someone you can call for a chat and to discuss how you are feeling? We have all had moments where we have felt totally alone. In these moments we need to remind ourselves that people love us. Tell yourself the loving and supportive things that they would tell you. 

Sending you love and comfort


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Community Champion

Helena 1980

Welcome and thanks for making your post.

Grandy  and Sonay have reached out to you. This is a supportive place. 
many of us like you and me have felt alone. 
It can feel like you are alone but you are not and there is help.

Sending you kind thoughts.

we are listening and you are not alone.