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Afraid of building falling

Community Member

Hi guys

I really need help. Could anyone give me some advice?

I’m currently living in a high rise building, when it’s windy, the wall of my unit makes unbearable creaking sound. The problem is, this really triggers my anxiety. I can’t even control my feelings. I’m so afraid that the building would fall. And I start to get nervous again when I see it will be windy in the next 4 days.

I really need help to ease the nervousness. Don’t like this feeling at all.

Any suggestion?


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Julianana, and a warm welcome to the site.

The weather conditions we have been experiencing seem to be typical for this time of the year, nevertheless, it can be frightening, even for those who live in a single dwelling, but especially when living in a high rise building.

I know as a builder that these high rise buildings do and are allowed to sway in the wind, they are built for this to happen and all the materials are selected for this to happen, unfortunately, it won't stop any noises from happening.

The people who work in the tallest building in Australia don't actually notice it as the building is enormous, but if you are living in a high rise building then you might notice any noises happening because that's what you are focused on.

Can I ask if you have applied to live in any other places that are at ground level because I may be able to help you.


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Champion Alumni

Hi Julianana91,

Wellcome to our forums!

Im sorry you are feeling this way.

I understand anxiety can be really difficult to deal with.

Have you thought about seeing your gp and discussing the way you are feeling? And how your anxiety is affecting your life?

You could do a mental health plan together this will enable you to see a psychologist who can give you many strategies for anxiety.

You really can learn how to manage your anxiety.

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Hi op and l'm sorry your not comfortable and feeling all these things in your home.

l'd actually think seriously about moving out , could that be possible or?


Community Champion
Community Champion


Welcome to the post. I don’t like heights thst move.

is there someone from corporate body you could talk about your concerns.

If you worry on windy days you won’t feel calm in your home

Dies anyone else in your building worry .

Thank you for your reply Geoff,

I have actually signed another place and are going to move out 2 month prior to the current lease end date. The new place is only on the 4th level and it’s not a recent built high rise. I am looking forward to moving.

And thank you for sharing the knowledge! It confers me a lot knowing that the way the high rise building was built actually exists for a long time. At least I know that the building won’t actually fall. I just need to keep this in mind for 2 more weeks to help me ease the anxiety and get through the time.

Thank you Petal22 for your advice,

I have actually considered see a GP.

But.. this is my first time having this type of problem… I guess I don’t know what to do…

My question is, my anxiety only exists when I am in my home and under the windy day when the sound would happen. I was thinking when I visit the GP, I would behave completely normal because I’m not under the triggered condition, I don’t want to look like I’m making things up…I think that’s why I haven’t visited one yet

Hi randomx thanks for the reply,

yes I have signed the lease for another place and I’m moving out 2 months before the current lease end date, this certainly added financial stress as well, but that’s another thing to talk about…

Hi quirkyword thanks for the reply,

yes our building has some procedures to report the creaking noise issue and there have been a lot reports they need to dealt with. But because of lockdown, it’s been a slow process.

Hi Julianana91,

Thats ok…. Just keep an eye on you anxiety if it persists then maybe consider seeing your gp..