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How can we improve the Forums?


Hi all,


This discussion is a space for all members to share suggestions and ideas to improve the Forums. This can be anything. Navigation, notifications, topics and themes, moderation, community rules, or something else!


We'd love to hear about what you think we can do better. We are really grateful to everyone who has contributed their ideas already, and we're always keen to hear more. 


Kind regards, 


Sophie M


Please note: This is not a thread for discussing the moderation or editing of individual posts - if you have questions about this please contact the team offline via email modsupport@beyondblue.org.au 

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Hmmm, this is quite nice! Keep up the great work you all do!

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i haven't been on the forums for a while, well not commenting/posting anyway, but just quietly browsing, i knew about the updates.


while it looks alright, the new forums, i find it rather confusing to navigate, & to find threads that i participated in. when i go to "your discussions", it only comes up with the ones that i made myself.


does anyone else find it rather confusing?

Thanks Guest_0784! 💙

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Love the nice new clean layout!

A suggestion for further improvement would be moving the 'Start a discussion' button/column further to the left, so the main forum/topic screen remains in the centre.

https://forums.beyondblue.org.au/ <- This screen is perfect.

But once you click on a topic, the screen feels a little cluttered/squished together, the post/reply panels feel a little off centre and I feel the blank spaces on the left/right edges is wasted space.

Thank you for the revamp team!

Hi robthomaslover, 


Hmm, we're sorry it's looking a bit confusing to navigate. That's not fun. We know it can be difficult to learn how to use new technology when you’ve used something else for a while, but we are confident that it will be worth it!


'My Discussions' only shows the discussions you've started, but you can click 'Follow Post' at the bottom of other people's posts to receive notifications about further replies.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being part of the Forums, robthomaslover. 🙂


Kind regards,


Sophie M

I can't find any of my threads at all.This is very confusing.How do I get onto my threads?

Community Champion
Community Champion


how can I find new posters or  unanswered  posts . .?

There was a new threads section before but I can’t find anything like that. 

agreed matchy & quirky. i didn't notice the notifications at first, that will help finding threads you've participated in, so that's better. but i still did prefer the original forums. then again maybe it'll take some time getting used to & i might enjoy it. it does look cleaner, but it was easier to use previously. but i'll get used to using it here i guess.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Woah. What a shock to return to the forums to this new layout. I'm not much of a fan of change at any time. The new style isn't my cup of tea so far, seems hard to use (granted I'm useless at this stuff). 

Biggest drama is that when I click on order posts from newest first it doesn't do anything and on my phone there isn't a skip to page button. Very frustrating. How do I change that please?

Also, I had a bit (ok a lot) of a panic seeing all the threads I've ever written or replied to listed together. I get it's easier for others but from a privacy point of view I'm freaking out I can be identified somehow.

I dunno. Change is hard I guess. I think I'd best log out and try another time.