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What has been most surprising about becoming an adult?

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I'm only recently into adulthood, and I've already learnt so much. It's quite enjoyable getting to experience a greater level of independence, and even watching all my friends from school/childhood adapt to adulthood as well.

I have to say, I wasn't at all prepared to see such a change in my social life. Some of my friends are already making steps towards forming their careers - they're doing really well in university, or forming small businesses, or taking external courses to help them build their resumes. Some of my friends are exploring their identities - they're experimenting with their style, dedicating lots of time to their fitness, or have come out as LGBTQIA+ and are working on their self-expression. Some of my friends are working full-time, making money to invest in things like housing or other lifestyle purchases. Some have chosen to take some time off to enjoy life - partying, socialising, making the most of their youth in a sense.

It's really interesting seeing how different people are reacting to adulthood. And there's no right or wrong way to do it, either. People will experience different things at different times, and it's up to individual interpretation how we respond to these experiences.

So I'm asking all the young adults on this forum, what's been the most surprising or shocking thing you've experienced coming into adulthood? What was something that you didn't expect, or weren't necessarily prepared for?

I also extend that question to people who have been an adult for quite some time, what's something you wish you had known about adulthood before coming into it?

And for all the people who aren't quite 18 yet, what's something that you're nervous or excited for once you become an adult? Any concerns, questions, or reservations?

I'm interested to see people's responses.

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Hey LL,

Thank you for contributing! I understand what you mean. Sometimes I feel quite immature, even if others see me otherwise.


Hi SB!

Well from 18 I knew I just wanted to help people so I went into Psychology and studied and went through the pathway for years! I truly do still love to help people but getting into the field I soon realised it wasn't for me which was a big shock to my system. This was also when COVID started so my life went into a huge shift! Honestly I am still trying to figure out where to go from here but it has been kind of exciting? in a way!

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That's amazing. And that's what life's all about, discovering who you are and following as many pathways as it takes to find what makes you truly happy.

I completely agree! Someone once told me that you can only grow as much as your environment will allow and I have to admit, now looking back I stayed in my comfortable little bubble (nothing wrong with that for a lot of people!) but for me it really made it obvious what was and what wasn't for me!