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What does everyone ACTUALLY do to cope with stress?

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I've personally wondered this a lot as not many people like to show their vulnerable side. I've read so many articles and heard professionals advise on methods to cope with stress, but heard so little on what do people around my age range actually do to alleviate stress.

So I really want to get a real and honest insight from my fellow young peers:
What and how do you actually cope or relieve stress?

Do you guys exercise,
endlessly scroll through social media,
or perhaps have a particular hobby you do to cope with stress?

(For me if I'm brutally honest, I endlessly watch youtube videos online or write down all my thoughts on paper)

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Hi, welcome

Forgive me, for I'm 65yo.

However, you might be interested in my reply.

Stress relief, in the most part, is similar in all ages.

Proper relaxation techniques has been proven to be effective. Muscle tensioning exercises, yoga etc.

Young adults have specific challenges that create stress, financial hardship, job interviews, HECS fees, careers change, relationships, the list goes on. Some of those problems can be overcome in various ways like toxic relationships overcome by acknowledging them for what they are and moving on, career change is feared for it's radical movement but is very understandable to not be decisive at young ages etc.

I hope you get young adults to respond as you've raised an interesting topic.


Beyondblue topic worry worry worry


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Hey nat_97 welcome to the forums

Like you I also love going on youtube when i'm feeling stressed and journalling definitely does help clear my head a bit.

Although, lately I have been trying to stop scrolling through social media as often as I find that it makes me feel worse. Exercise definitely helps me a lot and i try get to the gym a few times a week although it doesn't have to be the gym as even a quick walk can be enough to lift my mood a little bit.

I also tend to isolate sometimes when stressed so attempting to catch up with a friend, even a quick catch up has helped in the past distract me and lessen my stress levels somewhat.

Kind thoughts to you,


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Hi nat_97,

I’m seventeen and I find that the following helps for me when I am getting stressed about an upcoming event.

I like setting aside a block of time for something you enjoy and trying to make it nonnegotiable. For me it is training/exercising each morning. I find that this creates a wall against anything stressful that is happening afterwards that day so I don’t worry about it days beforehand. Right now I am in exams, and I find that these walls/training sessions break up what seems like an endless two weeks into manageable chunks that I can deal with.

For example, I might have a test tomorrow but I won’t spend lots of my time now stressing about the test because I know that before the test can happen I need to complete my morning exercise. I still get stressed on the day (which is something I need to work on), but at least it doesn’t build over the course of the week leading up to the stressful event.

Hope you find some other strategies which help and that my writing actually makes some sense.