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Social anxiety

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Ever since a few years ago i have had problems with facial blushing and never realised it was most likely a bigger problem, being social anxiety. It usually tends to happen in big social situations when people will call out my name or draw attention to me. In some situations im completely confident and in others i feel so nervous that i dont really want to be there. It is definately something that i need to fix because it does affect my social life/general life a lot and i really really do not want to live like this anymore. I am quite confident sometimes but i just wish i could stay like this in all parts of my life. The anxiety also tends to come and go, if im particularly social one week then i will become quite confident, but if i spend extra time alone or not going out as much then it will come back worse than ever when i am next in a big social situation. I always have the feeling that people are staring at me or judging me even if they are not, and every time i blush my whole face and neck will redden and my heartbeat will rise so much, and i will start to sweat. Sometimes this will happen even when im not actually embarrassed at all. 


Just hoping that someone feels a similair way or has had a similair experience and that im not completely alone on this!

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Your'e definitely not alone! I also have social anxiety.

I've only recently realised it, since learning more about depression and mental illness - before I thought that I was just a shy person. Fortunately for me I'm an introvert and don't need much socialisation, so I do ok just avoiding it when possible haha

I actually occasionally have a very similar reaction to you, with the blushing and increasing heartbeat, only I always got it when I would answer a question in class - even if I was really sure of the answer and got it right and wasn't embarrassed. It's really not a nice experience. 

About getting help for this - have you been to a gp? This would be the best first step if not. They can give you a referral to see a psychologist, and can prescribe medication if you need it. Does that sound like a possibility? Personally I get a bit of anxiety with strangers so I know for me this makes it harder to seek help. 

- Amy G

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Katie,

This happens to me too. All the time. And it hurts a little bit when people ask if you are sunburnt or have been running, even though it's just something that happens. I have avoided situations out of fear of embarrassment in the past. Living in a hot climate like Australia doesn't help much either!

But, in the end, it's not their fault because they don't know what it is like to experience something like that.

You could do a couple of things like drink lots of water or wear light clothes but to really get to the root cause I would recommend following Amy's advice - visiting a GP, a psych and get some strategies together for treating the social anxiety.

All the best 🙂


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Hi Katie,

i cant offer much help as I too suffer from social anxiety, but just wanted you to know you're definitely not alone! 

People have always called me shy or referred to me as the quiet one, when around people I know I'm not like that at all! I get so nervous when I know there's some event or social situation coming up, and many times I have cancelled plans because it's just been too much for me! 

i live in brisbane so it's hot enough here as it is, which makes my redness even worse! I completely feel your pain! I used to try to always wear make up to cover it but then I would just sweat through it so gave up! 

im better than I was, through forcing myself to do the things that make me anxious, phone calls even used to scare me and Id make someone make appointments and things for me, but now I'm fine doing it on my own!

I still get those feelings of 'what was that person laughing at? Was it at me' or 'are they talking about me, what are they saying' and it drives me mad, but I try to tell myself, who cares if they are! That makes them bad people! And who needs people like that in their life anyway.

ive never been to see a doctor about my anxiety because again the little voice in my head says things like oh what if they think im crazy or don't believe me! But maybe it's a good idea for both of us 🙂 

I just wanted you to know you are not alone!! Even though it may feel that way and many people may be confused by it all, you're not the only one! 


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Katie,

I also want to encourage you that you are not alone in this. I too have social anxiety. I can relate to what you were saying about sometimes being confident and sometimes being really withdrawn. That made it hard for me to get a diagnosis until it got much worse (which is where I am at now, at the point where being with a group of more than 5 or 6 people is a struggle). Sometimes I might be planning to do something with people and then when I get there, I can't go through with it, so withdraw or simply go home. 

Therapy can be really helpful and like others have said, going to your GP is a really good idea. My GP has become as helpful as my psychologist in helping me manage therapy and meds. 

You are not alone, there are many of us that can relate to what you are going through.

Take care, Rosie

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Hi Katie,

 I have social anxiety and only recently started seeing omen about it.

I also have the same issue, I start getting really hot and sweaty. I went to my GP an she suggested a local psychologist, that first session it honesty was like a realisation that i wasn't alone and its ok.


- Sarah