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my story

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hi, i’m abbey. it’s been a couple of years since i’ve started to feel like i’m not myself anymore. i’m extremely insecure and put myself down to the point where i blame every problem on myself. i have a boyfriend, he is supportive and loving but doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and sometimes pushes me away making me feel lonely and vulnerable towards harsh thoughts. i put a lot on the line for him and i love him with all my heart. i struggle with making new friends because i over think things and assume people dislike me. i just want to know i’m not alone and i hope others know how it feels to be mis treated and feel unloved although i am
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Champion Alumni

Hello Abbey

Welcome and thankyou for being with us!

Overthinking is very common Abbey...whether we are a young or older person. You are a proactive and caring person by being such a caring partner to your boyfriend and good on you

Loving your boyfriend with all your heart is wonderful. You mentioned that you have put a lot on the line for him and thats fine.....as long as you have the same feelings in return from your boyfriend

Relationships work well on a 50/50 basis. I hope your boyfriend respects and appreciates the love you have for him and...can treat you just as well in your relationship. Can I ask if your boyfriend has explained why he sometimes pushes you away?

Great to have you as part of the forum family Abbey

you are an amazing person by having the courage to post