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My intermittent explosive disorder and anxiety has probably turned me into a time bomb

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On the 22nd of Monday at school, I was petrified of going to my Sport & Recreation class because I have a bad reputation with those kids that keep whistling. I decided to conquer my fears, but the second I heard them whistling, I told them to stop, and then they bit back and told me to shut up. I was enraged, and instead of removing myself from the situation, I instead exploded.

Then after my explosion, I had a massive meltdown and asked to go home. Luckily I did, but now my anxiety just completely blew me up. Because of this, I am NEVER going to Sport & Recreation EVER AGAIN.

I just feel like the next time I get angry, my mind will just completely explode. Any suggestions?
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sounds like you had a hard time the other day and im sorry you had to go thru that. it can be hard to not respond in any way when people are rude to you hey? like if someone tells me to shut up, im gonna be a bit mad. but from what i understand it sounds like you're feeling like your at your threshold for managing your frustration in less 'outbursting' ways.

you said that "Because of this, I am NEVER going to Sport & Recreation EVER AGAIN." I know it can be really hard to deal with, but limiting ourselves by having 'black and white thinking' and making decisions based on how other people act is not something you should have to do. you deserve to be able to do what you want at school and rather than 'quitting' doing something, it's just a learning journey to managing the situation better (which i would say is one of the more valuable lessons you could learn at school for life)

what i would say is it's about finding a coping mechanism that works for you. the simplest thing to do is trying to ignore the kids whistling, or whoever is antagonising you but i know that's not always easy. do you have a friend who could maybe help you stand up to them? that way them biting back at you likely wont be as damaging or enraging. let me know what you think anyways. otherwise it can be something that takes practise, but just taking a quick breath before your respond to give yourself time for your brain to even subconsciously process your intended reaction so that you can be assertive with them. it can be a fine line between passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive responses but just by being aware that you do sometimes struggle managing your anger you can do your best for yourself and not let them burden you.

i hope this was helpful, at the least i hope you know that we are here for you.

take care, i hope you're doing alright, check in here if and whenever you need to xx hugs

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Hey Recyle Bin, welcome.

I'm really sorry to hear this. Is it possible to talk to a teacher or someone at the school about this and seeing if they can remove you from that class because it's upsetting you?

Sorry if that's not very helpful. I know how you feel, I hated school and dreaded it so much. You're not alone.