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Made up false stories before bed

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It started when I was 4, (I am 11 almost 12 now) everytime before sleeping I’d just lay there with my eyes open and make up untrue stories in my head. Sort of like a movie. It’d have these characters I’ve basically lived with my whole life! I get excited to go to bed to make these scenes in my head. It’s like, I am not happy with reality and my personal life, I create a new one with better people that are living better lives. They have been the same made up people or characters since I was about 9. And every day to night in my whole life is about these people and their situations. It’s like a movie and I’m the director to these people that don’t even exist. I feel like it’s getting out of hand now because when my mum is asking me something or talking to me, I get confused as to which is real and say something about the situations I made up with nonexistent people the other night. I think I’m crazy because I feel like I’m the only one. I feel like these characters are actually real. They have been with me for way too long. Not a minute in my life I don’t make it about them. I want to know, am I the only one? Am I the only one that has lived for years with strangers I created? Its been going on for 3 years now, 3 years. I can’t live without them because these made up scenes in my head keep me going and takes me into non reality. I’m just afraid it’ll stay on me my whole life. I don’t know why I am afraid but, I’m scared I’ll get too confused between what’s real and what’s not that I start bringing these fake characters into my reality. I’m even ashamed of myself for this.

The characters are:

Cole, Demi, Elijah, Violet, Skylar Rhylands, Reini, Catarina, Martha, Anastasia, Cameron, Mia, Lindsey, Hayley (or Haylz), Aubry etc.

they do not exist! I made them up 3 years ago and continue their movie until now.

Thank you for taking time reading this. I do hope i’m not the only one :’(

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Nerissa

Welcome to the forum and it is so very brave of you to reach out and to share how you are feeling about your "dreams" and about the "other people" in your life. Firstly it is a really safe space here and you can share how you are feeling, get some support, some comfort and some care here, we are here for you to help you through these times, you are not alone.

I know it's not the same but I wanted to share something kind of similar in that when I read a book, I get so invested in the characters, I become attached and also think about other story lines that are not apart of the book and wonder and create scenarios that are not even true or once again, apart of the book. Then when the book is over I am almost grieving the loss of my friends and feel sad that it is over, it only ever lasts a day or two but I feel like I have lost my friends.

I think it is human to want and to create things that we don't have, whether that be the perfect friend or the perfect family or even boyfriends and girlfriends and let our imagination and thoughts create a world where we do have the love and the acceptance or the joy that we are perhaps not getting from our "real life".

I see that you are worried that the people in your, lets call it "fantasy life" are starting to get blurred with the people and situations in your real life, the fact you are aware of this and that you are trying to make a line as to what is real and what is not shows that you are aware of what is reality and what is fantasy. I guess the more time you spend in your fantasy world it is probably likely that it does start to confuse your reality life.

It is really nice to meet all of your "friends", thank you for sharing that with us and if you do want to share some of the things that these "people" give to you or make you feel that would be lovely to know.

I can hear that you are worried that these people will stay with your for the rest of your life, can I suggest though that as you get older and different people come into your life, as you grow and have more life experiences the "need" for these friends may no longer be there. Maybe when you are working or have a family of your own one day or travelling or whatever it is in life that you find yourself doing, that you may not have the time or the need for these people anymore. In saying that though you may always have them just around, that you think about from time to time, and that is fine too.

It is great to chat to you Nerissa



Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hi Nerissa,

Thanks for sharing your dream world with us.

I also have awake dreams sometimes before I go to bed. Especially if I've had a bad day. I don't often have the same characters every day, but I'll have them for a week or two then I'll move on to a different movie.

I find that this is a good way for me to relax before I go to sleep.

I agree with Sarah that as you get older and have a lot more stuff in your life you might rely on these movies a lot less.

But if you do start to get worried that these people are getting too real for you, it might help to talk to someone about it. Maybe your parents? Or if you have a counsellor at your school?

Kind thoughts, Jess.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Nerissa,

I must say, you have a such an amazingly creative mind - its great!

I hope you don't worry at all, as I had characters in my mind when I was your age too, it was great to have control of my creative thoughts and characters; I'd love to know what Skylar Rhylands looks like (such a great name).

Just remember that we all come in different shapes an sizes, you have nothing to worry about. You sound like an absolute superstar!

I truly hope the amazing journey takes you and your characters on amazing journeys to remember forever and always.