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I am unbelievably stressed right now

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My grandmother was accepted into a trial for cancer treatment a week ago. Now she's been rejected because her cancer grew too fast. My dad is going over to her country to try and buy some ridiculously expensive medicine to save her, IN THE MIDST OF A CORONAVIRUS CRISIS, and is going to stay there for weeks. Oh, and she has 2 weeks left in her at the minimum. Meanwhile, my mum and I have found that our puppy has just broken his toe, and needs around-the-clock care for 2 weeks, WHILE I HAVE ALL OF MY EXAMS ON. I have to stay home from school to take care of him - and may miss out on my science exam and have to do it from home - and he needs to be crate-trained for these two weeks as well. And he needs medication, and can't be walked because of his toe, so he will probably go insane and cause immense trouble. I don't want my grades to drop because of missing school - or because of all of this stress. Oh, and I'm a hypochondriac, so coronavirus is making me terrified. And if one of us (me or my mother) contracts it, who knows what the hell we're going to do. And my other set of grandparents have some kind of weird bug as well - not coronavirus, I don't think, anyway - and I won't be able to stay with them because I'm a kid, I can spread it, etc. I can't afford to miss school, I don't want my grandmother to die, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO LOOK AFTER MY DOG! I'm incredibly stressed. Sorry for the convoluted paragraph, I don't have much time because I have to study and pick up my pup from the vet.
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Hi Sky Smith

I'm sorry that your situation is so rough in so many ways right now- this virus is helping nobody!

What is important is that rough times do pass, and self-care can be really important so that you can continue to help the important people in your life in a way that is sustainable and meaningful. Sounds obvious, but sometimes we all need to hear it. What does self-care look like for you? When can you do it? We can brainstorm ideas if you like, things you can do in your busy life 🙂 This will help ease your mindset as well so you are less stressed, which I hope will be the biggest relief for you.

Sending kind thoughts,


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Sky Smith,

Just wanted to check in on you and see how you are travelling. Have you checked my post- is there anyway way we can support you? Let us know if there's anything we can do, if you like.

We are thinking of you, hope things are ok for you.