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History of ex husbands controlling ways has given me deppression and anxiety

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Looking for a friend to talk to and reach out to , been separated four years now , been through a lot and still going through a lot - Very down, often cry myself to sleep and don't want to be social anymore , cant get motivated , feel very lost and unwanted
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Hiya Mess85

I can relate to how you're feeling at the moment as I often feel sad and down for no reason. I know how it feels. It's horrible.

Hope that you find a great person to talk to and gradually feel better.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome Mezz and alma to the forum.

This is a supportive and friendly place full of caring people.


I am sorry you are feeling so down and unwanted. You have been through a lot coping with your ex husbands controlling behaviour and now you are on your I can understand you feel lost.

Have you spoken to your doctor about or a counsellor how you are feeling?

There may be threads here that may interest you.

Alma, I am sorry you are feeling down too and thanks for reaching out to Mezz.