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Having moments of dread for no reason

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Yesterday I started to feel awful I had no idea why as it was during a point that wouldn't normally be bad.

I also had a subscription of video games, and when I found it it expired and I couldn't play them anymore, I felt lot more worse.

And then I happened again today, out of nowhere.

Feeling sad was a normal thing for me and happened regularly but this happens even when I'm not too sad. I don't get it?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi mysterymanguy

There have been a few threads about people having moments of dread for no reason.

I have had that too and it can be very unsettling.

Do your feelings of dread last for long and how do you feel after they have gone?

Mine are intense but don’t last for long and I can usually tell myself there is no reason and get back to reality. I do feel a bit low for a while afterwards. I started to keep track of when they happened and found for me I was often worried about something before hand but did not know I was.
Just my thoughts which may not be like what you experience.
Feel free to keep posting if you like.

Hey, quirkywords

I don't get them as often now, but they usually last for around 20-30 minutes. Afterward I start to feel sad for a while. They aren't usually intense, but they feel pretty bad but not as much compared to you

Also I'm sorry you had to experience that. Good luck to you and I hope you get better