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Dose anyone know of any support groups?

Also I'm trying to make friends but have had no luck I been on social apps but most people on there won't talk to you or they are after fun and some are just bullies.

I have tried apps like meet me tagged.

Thank you

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Support groups are usually very localised to geographic locations. Have you searched for any for your local area on FB?

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Hey Arnie26,

Don't know too much about support groups. Really depends on what kind of support group you're looking for and as rerestarting said, your geographical location. These can also easily show up via a Google search.

I think maybe you might struggle to make friends via social media if you haven't first met them in person but of course I could be wrong.

Think about the types of friends you want to make - I'm assuming you want quality friends! Great places to meet good people include at volunteering events, social hubs on sites like this and even workshops and things that are interactive!

What age are you and what are you interested in? That might help us give you some more specific ideas!

Thank you I will try looking on fb.

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Thank you for your reply.

It would be nice to have friends from this site and I would like to have friends who know what I'm going through

I'm 22 and I don't really have any interest but I'm open to anything.

Thank you for your reply

Hi Arnie26, thanks for posting.  These forums are anonymous, and we don't allow personal contact between members here for safety reasons.  

If you're after support groups, we would suggest starting here:


You're most welcome to keep posting here though, we have lots of discussions here about how to improve connections with others in your offline world.

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Hello, im Rose and im 15. where can i find a place to make new friends? im surrounded by a lot of people but i feel lonely deep inside. i have nobody to talk to. how can make new a friend online? like; my age, similar personalities i dont know something like that. are there any online websites i can have a look to make friends, that a teenage safe?


i completely get it and would love to know the answer to this as well. I guess theres the usual answers, instagram, facebook etc, but they've never really worked for me, so don't know why i'm suggesting that haha.

Let me know if you end up finding anything...

Shai Xx