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Free Depression support services?

Community Member
Is there any free depression support services kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous or something similar?

Been going through tough times for a while and the medicine the gp gives just ruins my sex drive making me even more depressed and lonely, so i thought the next best thing would be something like this.

I'd rather not open up to the people around me because in the past they have screwed me in the back and used what i told them against me. So I'd rather meet with a group of like minded people who can maybe help me and themselves by supporting one another.

Thank you
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Motoko353,

Thank you for your post - I'm really glad that you're reaching out and looking for some support for yourself. I'm guessing from your post that you are looking for in person support groups?

If that is the case, than yes - but from my own searches they aren't exactly easy to find! Do you think you could let me know what state you are in? Every state has different organisations that run them so hopefully I can help you find them that way. Alternatively, you can enter your location in Google and "support groups" to find a few that come up.

Here is one that seems to be Australia wide - https://www.grow.org.au/

Hopefully we can help you find something 🙂


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Motoko353, along with RT can I welcome you to the forums.

Can I suggest you go back to your GP and have your medication reviewed because if it's affecting your sex drive then you won't be able to concentrate on the issues you need help with.

I had the same problem a long time ago so my doctor immediately stopped prescribing that particular medication and started me on a new one.

Kids Helpline is free 1800 55 1800 or you can google them for information about a webchat service, and please let us know how you go.

This site has people who have struggled through any type of depression and are happy to try and help you.