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What do you do to cope?

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New to beyond blue, thought I would reach out to you all and ask the question, what do you want do to cope in hard times?

What are some tips / tricks that have helped you in your low times?

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**what do you do to cope**

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Lucy23...

A warm and caring welcome to our forums...

Coping...now that’s different for everyone...

The things I do to cope through my dark depression stages is to distract all my thoughts off my depression and try hard to focus on the things I like...music, burning candles, sitting outside and listing to the birds, watching the birds as they play with each other...

Depression unfortunately doesn’t care who it targets..and once depressed our thoughts are over come by only depressive thoughts..downing ourselves constantly...Happiness is the complete opposite of depression...in the way that it doesn’t reach out and like depression without being asked to....

We must find our own happiness...in the things we like do...even if that happiness is only for a few minutes while you’re doing what you like...happy thoughts will grow your happiness..depressive thoughts grows your depression...

We have a choice...sit back and let depression take over our lives..or fight it with happy memories, things we like doing, like music, reading, watching funny vids on youtube , hobbies etc..My all time favourite distraction is grooming my 2 dogs and playing with them...

Dear lovely Lucy..what are some things you like to do?..Please talk here anytime you feel to..

My kindest and most caring thoughts lovely Lucy..


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Community Champion

What do you do to cope.?
great question.

It depends on what I need to cope with.
Sometimes I need a hug, sleep ,to be understood . Sometimes a walk , so times I need to see a Dr ,to talk to a person who cares,

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Community Champion


Thank you for your post, and welcome to our Beyond Blue forums!

Coping is different for everybody, but I generally deal with my low moments by listening to music, writing music, painting, going to the gym, or going for a walk. I also find that talking to trusted people who care about me and listen to what I have to say is helpful too.

Is there anything in particular that you've found works for you? Please let us know 🙂


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Lucy, and can I join the others in welcoming you.

If you had asked this question 15, 20 years ago my answer would be different to what it is today, because back then I'd paint the cedar windows even though they didn't need it, but it took my mind away from my depression.

Now it's different, I'm not depressed but the amount of medication I need for epilepsy is over the normal amount, so it makes me tired, so my sleeping habits are unusual, mind you that suits my puppie.

Every week what satisfied you then, may not be the same the following week, and that's nothing to blame yourself for, all you're doing is trying to readjust, so what happens today might not suit you tomorrow.

Take care.