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First time posting here. Generally, I am the strong one, the positive one, the Pollyanna if you wish. Each time there is another disappointment, another issue, I am the one finding the silver lining. Yes, we are in lockdown again, but we are better off than many others. We live in the best country in the world, everything which is being done is in our best interests ...

After yesterday's announcement, the tears have come often. The disappointment of planned activities being cancelled because of lockdown has made me more upset than it should. Far worse, however, is the cumulative effect these restrictions are having on our young people.

My grandchildren are suffering. It breaks my heart to know that one (aged 15) is giving up. He is not logging on to online learning, can't get out of bed, can't see any point in study. One (aged 14) asked her mother when she would be able to resume face-to-face schooling (her mental health is already compromised so she is considered to be at risk) as she was finally 'ready' to try again to face the world, only to learn of these latest restrictions. She returned to her room & her bed.

This, & far worse, is happening in many, many families. I don't know what the solution might be, have no suggestions. I am just feeling hopeless.

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Hi Jetsm,

Thank you for sharing your story.

Although, I don't have an answer or solution for your what your family is facing. I know that regularly communicating with loved ones, and ensuring that communication always remains open; does truly put things into perspective.

This lockdown has put a lot of anxiety, stress and pressure on families, and I'm so sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Keep being active in the community, continue to speak to your loved ones and know that someone is always willing to listen and support you during these difficult times.

Stay strong and remain positive.

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Hi Jetsm,

Welcome to the forums 🙂 These are truly tough times and I am sorry about what you are going through. I hope you are feeling okay.

My grandparents live alone and our family video calls them 2-3 times a week. It helps us communicate and lets us express how we feel. it relieves a lot of our shoulders. Try and do the same with your grandchildren. I am sure they are willing to do it.

If you feel as if you cannot cope, call the hotline or keep posting on the forums and they will support you through this tough time.

Let us still have hope that this pandemic will end. Once it does, we can all go back to how it was before.

Please take care of yourself. Chat if you need.