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Stuck with how to start finding help

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This is my first time reaching out. I think I need some help. But every time I think about speaking to my doctor I just can’t do it.

I am frequently on the verge of tears and have a feeling of panic. I can’t shake the sense that everything is going to go wrong and thinking of all the bad things that could happen. I’m losing my temper more easily and snapping at people at work. I just want to stay in bed under a doona and cry but drag myself to work (essential worker) and run myself into the ground to distract myself.

I have a diagnosed autoimmune disease (10years) and cant stop worrying about the future and how my health will decline. I am also frightened of how much it will cost to seek help - I am single, live alone and have no family in this state. Spare money for therapy does not exist.

I’m not really sure the point of my post, apart from to start putting in writing how I feel. Some advice on how to be brave enough to find help and how to start the conversation would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Priiiysa,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way.

Your first step towards recovery is seeing your gp let your gp know how you have been feeling, you can do a mental health plan together this will enable you to see a psychologist… the first 10 sessions are usually free….

You are so much stronger than you think, so much stronger! Make an appointment with your gp and just be open with them and tell them how you are really feeling…… and how the way you are feeling is affecting your life….. your gp will understand… you could even write a list of what you want to talk about and read off the list..

I went through a mental health condition…. Severe anxiety OCD…my first step towards recovery was seeing my gp…. When I went to my gp I didn’t know what was wrong with me… I thought I was going crazy my doctor advised I had anxiety….. we did a mental health together I then saw a clinical phycologist and psychiatrist who diagnosed me….. I also did an 8 week therapy for my OCD…….. I’m now recovered from this condition thanks to all of the health professionals that helped me on my mental health journey and I couldn’t be more grateful to them…….

Step forward and ask for help I know you can ! You are stronger than you think………. 💪

I’m here to chat

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Hi and welcome Priiiysa!

It sounds as though you are under a lot of stress at the moment.

As an essential worker is your job stressful, especially in these times with covid?

How much does your autoimmune illness affect you? With no supportive family nearby and the financial worries about treatment no wonder you are feeling so stressed.

Do you have any support from friends or colleagues at work?

I also think if you have a GP you feel able to talk to, that might be a help, or is there someone you can confide in about how you are feeling such as a family member even though they're not nearby?

Are you in an area affected by lockdown? These times are frightening and strange and stressful already without the added health problems and financial worries you have.

No wonder you are feeling weepy and snappy at work! It sounds like wanting to stay under the doona is very understandable!

If you'd like to share more here people will do their best to support you. We're happy to listen!

Sometimes just getting it all off your chest to others is a good first step!

How do you feel about a chat with a GP or friend or sharing a bit more here?

We are here to help if we can. Maybe you can tell us a bit more about yourself and what's been going on recently to make you feel overwhelmed?

Only supportive people here! Happy to hear more if you would like?


Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Priiiysa,

I think it's very good that you're reaching out, and you also have very good understanding to yourself, this is your strength.

Do you mind sharing why you feel you can't talk to your doctor? If he/she's not listening, or doesn't have enough empathy, you really can consider changing another doctor.

Alternatively, you can consider mental health support or peer support (people with lived experience and strong empathy). There're a lot of supporting resource for free. There're also organizations that can provide financial counseling and support. I think you can give BeyondBlue a call, they will help you connect with supporting resources.