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Staying "connected"

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I'm in stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. People as well as in the news stories they keep saying "stay connected" to friends and family because it helps with mental health. I find it ok for the most part because I have friends and family who phone. Although, there is this one group of friends I have who only message on facebook. I'm getting tired of chatting online through this facebook app and I wish there would be more advertising on how a phone call is better than messages. Also, how a old fashioned phonemail should be considered sometime instead of Zoom because some people don't have the technology. Younger people don't seem to understand that making a phone call is not a bad thing and it's just as easy as a message. Please call each other.
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Hi Ann1234567,

I totally agree with, especially during this difficult time in lockdown (I am in Melbourne too) a phone call is so much more easier than a message, and plus you get to hear your friends and families voices which just makes you feel more connected during these difficult times.

Stay safe,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Ann and Chloe,

I am also from Melbourne. Like you said during this socially restricted time, making a phone call or checking up on someone can be so valuable in feeling connected.

I do think speaking over the phone feels more authentic and reassuring than a message. I feel that some, not all young people nowadays have grown up to view messaging as an easier process, not requiring as much energy as opposed to calling. This just comes down to individual preferences, values and reasons.

In the end, genuineness and effort will transpire through actions and efforts in staying connected.

All the best!