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Small Business Owner

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I own a business and my anxiety levels are up and down and up and down and although I can immerse myself in work during the day I don't sleep at night and worry all the time. Financially we are struggling and I am scared we will lose everything. If it wasn't for my kids and grandkids I may not be here it has felt so bad. I know all the ways to cope and sometimes I'm ok but it's a real effort. On the outside I seem ok. I wish someone would come to me to help with finances. I need to be rescued, I can't do it myself. I just want an angel to pop up with an answer.
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Blue Voices Member

Hi Steinbeck,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for being here.

I'm sorry that you're struggling; owning a business is not an easy feat. What sort of ways do you think you need to be rescued?

You mentioned in your post that you need some help with finances, have you ever thought about seeing a financial counsellor?

If you have a look here and enter your postcode, you'll see some nearby - https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/managing-debts/financial-counselling

or if you work in a rural area you can try - http://www.agriculture.gov.au/ag-farm-food/drought/assistance/rural-financial-counselling-service

Both of these are free.

Hope this is helpful to you

romantic_thi3f, thank you for your answer and the resources.

I would love to call them but have a block about being able to do it. I am so depressed and anxious that I am no good to anyone. Although I have employees, I spend a bit of time on my own and this is really getting me down. My lack of productivity is going to be detrimental to my business but I am almost beyond caring. I want someone to walk in my door and help me to be practical again aand help sort out my mess. I try but it's getting to be more of just a try and not succeeding.

I did go to the doctor and started on anti depressants but functioned even less. I am trying natural medication now and maybe less anxious but still so low. I have this thing that money will fix it all but can't get my act together to make it. Business is good but cash flow poor. It's been a few years of constant stress and I think it's finally done it's damage. It would be nice to find someone who is honest enough to say they have been through it and will offer come and help me.

I am used to being successful and coping well.

Hi Steinbeck (and a wave to RT too 😊),

I have no experience being self employed and yet while reading your last post it was like seeing my own behaviour put into words.

The way I understood your post was that although you know what you need actually taking action, making changes or seeking out the support you need is simply too overwhelming and feels out of reach. Is that accurate?

At my lowest that was me. I knew I needed help and had some idea of what I needed to do... but going through the processes to get it was beyond me.

Thankfully, I asked my husband for help before I ended up hurting myself. Do you have anyone you can trust to help organise support for you? You mentioned still being here because of your kids and grandkids and I wondered if you had let any loved ones know how badly you have been feeling?

If the doctor has prescribed meds and they aren't working it is important to return and tell them so. There are so many types of medications and it can take time to find one that helps you.

You mentioned almost being beyond caring anymore and this is a huge worry. If you feel like you need support to be safe we can always ask for the support service here to phone or email you?

I hope you feel able to keep sharing how you're holding up.


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Hello Steinbeck,

I think it’s great you reached out here ☺️ I just wanted to let you know of a resource created by Beyond Blue for Small Business Owners. The website is:


On the website you’ll find a section for Small Business Owners, because you deserve support for issues that are specific to your situation. Running a business is not easy, so I applaud you for recognising you need some help and reaching out here. Take care,


Hi Nat,

Thank you for your understanding. I ended up calling Beyond Blue this week because I felt so low and didn't know how to share with people who know me. The lady helped me see that I put myself last and I did end up talking to my husband and he has been a better support than I ever would have imagined. It really does make such a difference to share, I always have the idea that people would think less of me or see me as a failure. It's about time I changed these thought processes.

My husband and I are meeting to discuss business every afternoon and it feels so good to share.

I hope things can get better. I still wonder.



Thank you for the link. Sharing and knowing that others go through the same things and survive really helps me.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hello Steinbeck, a few years ago I found myself in a similar financial circumstance has a small business owner. What helped me was to seek financial counselling and planning strategies, contact Small Business Victoria, there are advisors that can help you with pieces of information and resources that are free. I have used them myself. I believe that there is always a solution to every problem, sometimes we don't know where to turn for help. The one thing you need to do is, not to lose hope, be connected to outside support and explore other options. Hope that it will help you. Regards Donato

Hi Donato,

Thanks for your reply. What sort of things did you do to get out of crisis? I am struggling to think logically and just think everyone will turn against me but at the same time I refuse to give up. Go figure!

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Blue Voices Member
Hello Steinbeck. Sorry for not replying back to your last message. What I did to get out of my own business crisis, was to look at all the resources that were available to me that I could sell to help me to stay a flote until my business improved. I had to sell the car that I really liked, that what I did to help myself. You got to ask yourself this question, what I am willing to let go or sell until my business improves? We often are not willing to let go or to sacrifice, but some time is necessary to do just that. Hoping for you that things and finances will improve for you soon. Take care DonatoRD.