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Seeking understanding

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Hi everyone, I’m new and suffer anxiety. it seems to be getting worse slowly each year, but certainly comes and goes(it is not all of the time)

my dad was killed a few years ago and although I do feel that I am coping well with what happened, I don’t know whether this has been a catalyst for my anxiety getting worse.

i feel my anxiety is more a “health anxiety”. My heart races and I get palpitations every now and then and then I get worried that it is actually something wrong with me, which there isn’t, but that does make the anxiety worse. Then there are other times that I may have a small symptom and then I turn it into some thing big and then think that this could kill me. I am a rational person and I know it is silly but I can’t seem to help it.

I have a few small group of friends and although some understand about anxiety, I have another friend from a different group that has said that she doesn’t understand mental health illness and that doesn’t understand how people suffer from it. I’m not one to want to burden people with problems, and I am not a huge talker (I have always been quite reserved)

thanks for listening:-)

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Champion Alumni

Hi The Worrier,

Thanks for sharing your story with us and welcome to the community here. There are many parts to this forum, including a Social Zone if you want some more light hearted interaction with people here.

Sorry to read about your Dad, your anxiety and how it is making you feel both emotionally and physically.

The Beyond Blue website has some information on Anxiety that you may find useful.

All through your life's journey, you will find people that do not understand mental health issues, and that is okay. I experience a few different conditions and don't understand them myself!

Have you found anything that helps you reduce the feelings of your anxiety, or that helps you to recover a little quicker sometimes?

I think rationality can sometimes fly out the window when we are experiencing anxiety, stress and depression. I know strategies that will help me, but in that anxious moment I forget and may be too overwhelmed too quickly.

Please know that you are more than welcome to express yourself here. This is a safe and caring place to do so.

You may also like to contact the Beyond Blue support people for some ideas on how to cope, or for them to just listen to you on a bad day. You mentioned you don't like to talk about it much.

Beyond Blue also have a chat on-line service from 3.00 p.m to 12 a.m. 7 days a week which may be beneficial if you don't like talking.

Hope you find some solutions, and "chatting" here helps, cheers from Dools

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Hey there
I hope you are doing OK

I just wanted to let you know, that I completely understand as I also live with Anxiety (I've been living with it since childhood and was diagnosed in my teens).

I've recently gone through a dark "crisis period" where several "friends" did not know how to deal with my mental health issues so I can really relate with some of the things in your post.

I hope that you know that I care and understand.

Sometimes it helps to know we are not alone. 🙂