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Panic attacks/blushing

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Hello All,

I get really bad panic attacks because I can't stop blushing and I feel so ashamed of myself, I am always anticipating other people emotions when meeting people I always evaluate before hand what they will think of my red face. I know it sounds stupid and I have always been really confident up until a few years ago when my a friend who was the same sex as me who is a straight girl, showed all these guys naked photos of me and now I just feel so ashamed of myself and as a result I just can't stop blushing. I am no longer friends with these people and it has been many years later but as a side affect I feel still so ashamed of myself and I feel my confidence has been stripped away because of this.

Its really refreshing though just to talk about it as I have never told anyone the reason I blush so much, but just wanting to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and how did they go about this?

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thank you so much for your wise words I have been reflecting on your forum and it has helped me a lot, so thank you lovely person

Mad1990 hi and everyone 👋

Appreciate that thanks ☺

Hope you're managing ok Mad and able in time to resurface your confidence and be able to enjoy your life ahead.

Best wishes for a good future ☺