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Out of control

Community Member
Hi my first time here and I’m struggling with panic at present. Just wanted to touch base with people that know how it feels. Thank you
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Hi Mark

long story short last 4 years I have had a workplace injury, Sick dad who passed last year, job loss and 41 year marriage break up. Think that’s it lol. Now a 60 year old job seeker with bad knees and no clue.

Hi it gets a bit confusing doesn’t it lol

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Mandajane,

I can't image how hard it is for you, but please don't lose hope.

I feel you have complex live challenges which is hard to be fixed in short term, but there is hope and possibility to improve step by step.

I feel you need someone to walk a long journey with you. It can be a mental health support worker, or a peer worker with lived experience. Some of these resources are free. I do encourage you to give Beyond Blue a call, they might be able to help you access these support resources.

If you have a family member or close friend that you can rely on, do not hesitate to ask support from them as well.

It might be a long journey but please don't lose hope and confidence.