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Hi I’m Jude. For the past 18 months we have experienced threats, violence, intimidation, harassment, nakedness, lewdness, foul language and trespassing onto our property and throwing rubbish and garlic on our garden from our neighbours.
We have reported them to the Police several times. Police do not do anything.Reports have been made.
The Body Corporate and the letting agent in the complex do absolutely nothing. As the letting agent said They can do anything they like in their place, including trespass. As long as their paying rent and keep the place clean they don’t care!
As a homeowner I do not have any rights it seems. Numerous emails and documentation of each incident has been sent to the BC. I’m at wits end as what to do.
it seems so unfair and unjust.
If someone has advise out there I’d very much appreciate it. 🙏
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Champion Alumni

Hi NFH2020

I'm sorry to hear you are in a frustrating situation right now despite your persisting and reaching out for help. You don't deserve this and you are doing the right thing. If these neighbours are trespassing and committing violent acts on you, you should keep persisting with ringing 000 because that's not on. I would also continue to document everything they do- get photos of thier behaviour if you can. I can't offer much more practical advice than that from my own experience but I hope you get some relief and the letting agent also gets some reform too.

Please know you can use this thread to continue posting your story and to seek moral support! We are here to listen- we hope things subside for you.


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Hi nfh,

I have been in similar situations over the years and is still not good. I totally agree with you on all counts. It is v unfair. And strata or body Corp never do a thing. And police i have found try but their hands are tied other than to attend and issue warnings.

I agree with Tay... keep a log and get as many police report numbers and evidence. If there are any other neighbours affected also try get them on board. Go to your local MP. I found them to be much more useful and supportive than strata. Who just want your fees but do nothing. Keep everything in writing emails etc. And at the agm make it an agenda item of the body corp to act on all this.

Also you can take it to tribunal but they almost always side with the problem tenants with just a warning and you are left out of pocket and even more disheartened.

I wish you the best with this. Never give up. It does so much damage to your mental health when you have to live like this. I wish i never ever bought a unit. And never will again.

Warm Regards 🙂