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Newby trying to figure things out

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Hi All,

I'm very new to this have never even contemplated doing anything like this. But the birth of my daughter has made want to do something to improve my mental health. I have had anxiety for around 5 years it all started when I moved jobs there were 2 individuals who made it their goal in life to makes others feel like they are useless and incompetent. to start with i was having severe panic attacks and my wife had to come and collect me from work on a couple of occassions. i honestly thought i was having a heart attack. i went to the doctor after about 12 months and was put on medication this took a while but eventually the panic attacks stopped being so severe and i learnt to talk myself out of them.

however over the last year i have found myself having new anxieties. these are weird i cant put my finger on what causes them, one day i can doing something like go to the shops and i am totally fine, and the next i cant focus on anything and feel super dizzy like i am going to pass out. I can run a meeting with important government officials and have no problem at all, but sitting in an interviewing 1 person will cause this same dizziness.

i guess my question is has anyone else experienced dizziness like this and do you have any tips of how to deal with it.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Gingernomad, I can understand exactly what you're talking about, because a group meeting involves other people being able to take the heat off you, so you're not necessarily liable to make the decision by yourself, but a group decision needs to be made by consensus.

On a one to one basis then you have to decide what you want to say, without any help from other people, so at times it can be embarrassing.

The medication you were taking can help certain types of anxiety, but among the list, there are many other types that may eventuate from the different situation you're trying to cope with, in other words, one type may not help you with another type of anxiety.

Go back to have these meds reviewed by your doctor, and what can happen is that anxiety can be joined with depression, although I'm not qualified to say, only know from my own experience.