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Hi folks,

Just wanted to say hi, seeking some sort of comfort and conversation from people like me as I am feeling like a burden on my loved ones. I am 35 yr old cis woman that is studying web development and not working. I have come of workers comp after an incident at my old workplace as a recovery support worker where I got diagnosed with PTSD. I am much better than I was with the PTSD but my depression is at an all time high (or is it low I should say?) and my anxiety (particularly social anxiety) is not much better. I love animals (I have 2 cats), quality music, tattoos and the colour pink. Hope to speak to someone soon!

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Fluttershyy, and a warm welcome to the site and although I'm not qualified, I know that having PTSD or being able to overcome this problem is certainly not easy, but along the way it can create depression and anxiety, if not already present, which may develop to become stronger as you slowly leave the PTSD phase because it may affect any relationships, your health and trying to once again enjoy what you once had as your mood and look at life may be different to how it is before.

I am so sorry to hear of your worker's comp claim and know that once it may seem to be over, there may still be some issues that do arise, as I'm still having ongoing problems myself, and know what you are struggling with.

You can't blame yourself and it's impossible to be able to cope with the depression and anxiety all by yourself because what you had before can quite easily be completely different now, as other issues have jumped on board that affect you in other ways.

By having depression and anxiety, one may be more predominant than the other one day, whereas the next day it could have reversed, but they're still there and need to be treated.

Your love for cats can be soothing, especially when you're crying, but you need to talk with someone and would love to hear back from you.