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Newbie on here

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Hi everyone I’m new on here, I have been struggling with anxiety/panic attacks for the last 5 years, the attacks come on just out of the blue without any warning. I might get them 2 - 3 times a week or none for a few weeks.
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Hi Blues21,

Welcome to the community here on the BB forum. I am sure there are lots of people who can relate to what you have written.

If you don't mind me asking, have you talked to a Dr about what you are experiencing?

I'm no expert but I am wondering if there maybe some trigger you are not really aware of? Is it possible to write down when and where you have these panic attacks? You might find a pattern.

Try to look at them objectively and see if you can find a way to recognise you are about to have a panic attack and see if you can help to reduce it.

My latest panic attack was when I was walking in to work. I stopped. Took some deep breaths. Asked myself what I was scared about. Tried some distraction techniques and managed to reduce the severity of the attack.

I also know that is not always possible! I have had some very severe and spectacular panic attacks! It is amazing how much strength I sometimes have trying to flee from an area!

I researched panic attacks and understanding why they happen has helped to some extent.

Hope you find some answers.

Cheers from Dools

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Hi Dools

thank you for your advice I have taken it on. Yes I have seen my GP about the panic attacks he prescribed my some medication, an SSRI,  and to see a councillor. I started writing down when and where I get the panic attacks see if I can find a pattern. Thanks again 👍

Hi Blues21,

It is lovely to see a response from you. I hope your Dr was supportive and helpful. It may be very beneficial to see a counsellor as well.

I do find some information in the internet to helpful, some is also confusing.

I've learnt I don't cope well when I am in a situation where I feel out of control or confronted.

Going in to work for me, I work alone at the front desk and have been verbally attacked a few times the moment I walk in the door.

I am aware of my thinking now and try to counter act it before it escalates.

I am also very aware there are times I can not stop a panic attack and that is okay as well. When they escalate for me I can't stop them.

I'm not sure what the counsellor or the Dr have suggested, but are there ways you can assist yourself after an attack so you don't feel so stressed and anxious?

When I feel an attack coming on that I can't control, I will tell people what is happening. Some try to assist, some ask how they can help and others flee thinking I am a lunatic.

Knowing other people experience the same thing as you or something similar can help unravel the concerns and mysteries of our experiences as well.

If you want to share more, this is a safe place to do so.

Hope you find some answers! Regards form Dools