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newbie- isolation layers

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Hi all,

I have had a quick look around the forums and hope to be able to read through them and not feel so alone. 2020 has been challenging year for all. Im not going to go into the family breakdown and very recent relationship breakdown Im dealing with in 2020 , but its just put me into a bit of a slump, and IVe had anxiety / depression for years and years and am on medication. I just feel myself getting low in past 3 weeks but am reluctant to go see anyone as I find every counsellor/psychologist ends up the same- I feel like they dont get to the real nitty gritty of my issues. I dont know what it is - its like i convince them OK as i say and appear strong on the outside. Im an honest person , but no one seems to get the deep grief or self doubt as its hidden too deep. I do feel like I cant rely on anyone and from the outside I tick some boxes (ie. I have no good friends, not even 1, I have no friends in general. )or concern I guess. I have a couple of family members who i could reach out to. Im lucky I have that. these Isolation times dont give me hope that that can change. I work from home , i was studying a Masters (withdrew yesterday as cant keep it up with everything thats happened to this year) from home and a have one child still living with me and Ive never been able to connect with any parents in her class or sporting group. I am over 45 so how does one that age in these times make friends!!!!! There must be so many people out there who have no one. How do they do it.

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Hi Nettaspagetta

Welcome to the forums, we are glad that you found us. We are a caring, non-judgemental space where you can seek out advice and make connections with like-minded people. We hope you like it here!

You can use this thread to reach out to others and make connections that way- particularly with those people also affected by anxiety/depression that has worsened during isolation- you aren't alone in that.

I'm glad to hear you have family members who can support that- we can help you find a more suitable mental health resource to help you get into the 'nitty gritty' of your issues, as you say. That might help you deal with a number of things that have happened to you in 2020 in a healthy way moving forward. What do you think?

Sending kindness,


Hi Nettaspaghetta,

A warm welcome to our forums and I'm so glad to hear that you've been able to relate to some of the experiences here, and not feel too alone. It definitely sounds like that you've gone through some really hard things, and I can understand why you would be feeling drained and in a bit of slump right now, especially with your anxiety and depression on top of it all.

I think that the struggles you're facing right now is something that a lot of our community can relate to, so I will open this up for the rest of our lovely community to chime in. In regards to the difficulties you've had with counsellors and psychologists, you might find it helpful to have a look around on our subforum for treaments and health professionals.

I hope you can continue to find the support offered here at the forums useful, and please know that this is a space where you can talk and ask questions safely, and without judgement. 

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Champion Alumni

Hello Nettaspagetta,

I'm sorry you're going through this. 2020 has indeed been a tough year for many in our community and I do hope things get better for you soon.

You asked how someone above the age of 45 can make friends. I agree that there are many in that age group who feel alone since it's not an age where people tend to meet new people all the time. However, I do know people of your age who have joined courses in their community centres and met people there. Is this something you'd be willing to look into?


Thanks Emmen- yes , i think thats a good idea. I will look into it. I am hoping to have some more time now to do that

Thanks Sophie- i will look into that now