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Newbie intro

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Hi all,

So I've never reached out before so this is my first time joining a forum. It's wierdly making me anxious introducing myself but I am so grateful for the chance to connect.

I'm in my mid 30s, a mum, a health care worker and generally quite outgoing. In the last 5 years, life's changed and at times I feel like I'm burning on the inside. I don't really have any close friends anymore and my relationship with my family has changed massively. As far a work goes, my colleagues have their own cliques but from a professional perspective, they're a good team. I'm still very fortunate to have people in my life who love me. Sometimes I don't want to talk about how I feel because I don't want to be like a burden. It's ridiculous how hypocritical I sound because Im really passionate about supporting anyone who needs it. Its just hard to admit that sometimes I need it.

I actually like my own company in general but this lockdown has isolated everyone and I feel it's getting to be a bit much. I've lost my enthusiasm for the things I love so part of my being here is self-awareness and an attempt at being proactive in the preservation of my mental health.

I guess I made the right move joining because I already feel better. I look forward to future discussions and guys, it's really amazing to see people supporting each other. Thanks again for listening.

A.C - Party of one

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Party of One

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for introducing yourself and being honest and self aware.

This is a friendly and supportive party and place. Lockdown has been hard and isolate many people.
I learn so much from people here and I feel honoured to read other people’s stories.

If you are ready to talk we are listening.

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Party of one,

I'm sorry for your experience. But I do believe that your attempt at being proactive to share your story here is absolutely right.

As you said, as soon as you share your experience here you started to feel better. I really encourage you to talk to your loved one too. I think choosing good timing and right way is important. You can have this conversation when you're not at the lowest mood, and your loved one's not either. When you can talk about his topic calmly, it won't sound like you're offloading rubbish to your loved one. Just the opposite, I think it will bring you closer.

I really respect your profession, but sometimes people dedicated to helping others are also vulnerable, and easy to burnout or collapse. Not to mention you have challenges in family and workplace relationship at the same time. I think it's too much for you to hold on alone. That's why I suggest you to share more details about your story here and talk to your loved one as the first step. And then think about what to do for the workplace relationship improvement.

Hope things will get better and better.