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Newbie here

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Hi Everyone, My name is Sarah, I am 39 years old, I have just been diagnosed with PTSD I would love to chat with anyone going through the same thing. Hope to hear from you soon
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Community Champion

Hi Sarah, I read your other thread.

welcome to the forums a d thanks for reaching out.

My experience of trauma is very different to your and 18 months ago. I am still trying to. One to terms with it. I write about things and that helps a bit. I find listening to my feelings rather fighting them.

there is a website www. mindspot.com.au that has a lot on information and takes you through a series of learning modules .

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Hi Sarah

i have had a quick read of your other thread as well and i can actually relate to you. Unfortunatly my grandmother was a high care person during her later years of life and i had to also perform cpr and call an ambulance on her in hopes of rescuing her, sadly after a few weeks she passed away but i can understand how this would be affecting you. It is quite traumatising when things like that happen, i do have other traumatic events in my life as well so i can understand how ptsd might be affecting you.

Can i ask if you have any supports in place like a psychologist? If not, is this something you might consider?