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New member and nurse struggling

Community Member

Hi all I’m a nurse in regional Victoria and really struggling with work at the moment we don’t have any COVID positive cases in our hospital it the way our nursing has changed so much it’s really hard to deal with

I didn’t go to work today as I couldn’t cope with people I’m finding because of lockdown that when I have a few days off as I’m on my own at home I don’t want to go back to work and deal with all the rules and what we can and cannot do

I know everyone is struggling but feel like I’m letting the team down as some nurses are doing doubles and extra shifts and I can barely manage my seven shifts a fortnight

just need to chat thanks for reading this

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Nicole welcome to the forum and thank you for posting. Firstly, thank you for your service as a nurse during these tough times that we have been experiencing in victoria, you may not feel it but you truely are valued. It takes a special person to be a nurse, you are indeed a caring and kind human being. Yes, nursing would have changed alot with all the extra safety precuations that must be taken. I feel like you need to eleborate more on what aspects of the rules are bothering you. I am a student nurse in my third year, it has been tough for me also. All my studies have been online and placements have been stopped or changed. Some hospitals will not accept students. Life is unknown at the moment, so much uncertainty it's difficult to know which direction your'e going. It seems like there could be other things that are impacting your willingness to work? Would you like to share with me more about what you are experiencing?


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Nicole77,

It is so tough. I think time out for caring for yourself is extremely important. All health care workers need that. I can't imagine how to make it possible for everyone to work more usual hours, and not all in the most stressful activities.

You are human and can only do what you can, but if you do not accept that time taken to care for yourself, you will not be doing much of anything before too much longer. If you can look to what you do achieve during each shift? I am sure it is a lot. Whatever nursing care you give is of value and appreciated by those patients you care for.

I used to volunteer at a public hospital, and I saw how hard-working the staff were. I also saw how much it meant to someone, being assisted with the most simple things, like a drink of water, or a blanket adjusted.

I have heard how difficult it is to have to work several hours wearing the PPE. I admit I find that unimaginable. I am sure I would not have been able to bear it. It makes me wonder about the support services where you work? Or perhaps external services in your area?

Hang in there, and, when you are not working, I think doing something completely different might be a way to go.

It is good to see you here.

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Valued Contributor
&, Nicole77, what is it about the people you are finding difficult? I missed that.


thanks for writing back to me I still enjoy nursing mostly but the world has changed so much and wearing ppe all day so a real challenge especially when it’s triggered my asthma which was under control before wearing masks now I’m on lots of puffers to be able to breath better

the patients themselves have changed slightly too as everyone else at home is struggling and they are not wanting to come to hospital so when they do they are so much sicker making there stay longer and more challenging, we are also getting more disability patients because normally the carers would be getting a break and they are not so we are dealing with more social issues than normal

being a student nurse would also be tough we are having some students at out hospital but the not knowing is the hard thing for everyone the information we receive changes all the time hang in there with your studies we need great nurses
I already have severe depression and anxiety and obviously through thus it’s become worse at times

it’s like riding a roller coaster of emotions I’m finding because I live at home alone and I can’t see my friends when I am away from work for a few days and then when I have to go back I’m making myself more anxious worrying what wiki await me at work

I know I am lucky in lots of ways I live in the country have space to roam and I still have a job and money coming in unlike so many people I really feel for people in the cities in small houses or apartments and people out of work it’s scary for all of us

thanks for reading the writing and talking is helping me

let me know if I can help you as well nicole

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Nicole77,

Thank you dearly for being a nurse. I seriously respect nurses so much, they are the most underrated profession.

Is it possible for you to take some paid leave to have a break? I know stakes are high in healthcare atm, but sometimes you have to put yourself first.

Take care,


Hello Nicole, Yes those masks are terrible! nothing worse than smelling your own coffee breath and breathing in your own carbondioxide. Ppe is so uncomfortable, Ive seen photos of nurses with sores and rashes on their faces from constantly wearing it. Ive found a new love for all things medical, Ive been watching New Amsterdam on netflix! they did a few episodes based around covid 19, very intense. But that show reminds me why I want to be a nurse. Athsma would be really hard to deal with, is there any exemptions for you? Can you speak to your unit manager and explain to them masks cause you respiratory distress? Maybe you need some frequent breaks where you can de-mask and go get some fresh air. Yes the world has changed, I guess people may feel embaressed being sick especially if they are from other cultures too. When I worked in age care I saw the same thing, the eldery would go into care when they had more complex needs. It really made the workload very heavy and stressful. Unfortunately its a issue that needs to be addressed by the government staff to patient ratios! The anmf is trying to advocate this for us. I also have depression and ptsd. Its a constant battle, loads of things trigger me into a angry state. I don't get sad, I more so get angry and frustated. So I bought some paint and a canvas to channel my feels into so art! what sort of therapy do you use for your depression and anxiety?