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Hi I am a mature 60+ lady struggling to balance work and some newly diagnosed chronic health issues. This past few months I have also developed mild depression, anxiety and ptsd but feel that these are increasing in intensity. My GP is now recommending a mental health care plan and I have no idea what I need. I have no family or friends for support and my partner doesn't really 'get' what I need. Am reaching out to this group to make some connections and hopefully find some friends. I am the type of person who always appears positive, strong and capable and always there for others but am finding now when I need support, there is no one there for me. Reach out and say hello
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apps are a bit like phones, computer, cars, etc.

what color, features, sounds, etc. do you like.

for example, I use and like virtual hope box. When I suggested apps to my dad, he did not like it. the audio was a little quiet, and mid pacific female voices. When it comes to selecting an app... does it have ads? is it easy to use? what is the cost? does it have the tools I want?

I think he ended up using the headspace tools.

There was a thread on the forums about apps.... the good ones are headspace, smiling mind, calm ... there are the most well known. The one I use was recommended by my psychologist. You can also do a google search for

mental health apps backed by science

hope that helps.