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New and....erm, feeling a bit nervous

Community Member

Hey all - new around here.

Just realised my handle probably isn't the best for these forums - but it's literally a Doctor Who reference as I love that show!.

Hope everyone is ok , especially any Sydney friends that read this - it'll get better!!!

Had a long battle with anxiety and confidence issues. Still going. Tried counselling, worked for a while until my partner and I lost 2 babies back to back, then I kinda shut down.

Used to drink too much in my teens/twenties. Son of an ex junkie (i saved his life by being born essentially). I have same personality traits as my old man so i have removed booze from my life and never touched recreational drugs (except weed as a youngster).

That's the short story lol. Oh and I love Doctor Who, Wrestling (watching not doing lol), Music, Rick and Morty and Gaming.

Why am I here? Well, I always like to invest time to help others, sometimes to a fault lol. I want to get involved, I want to see if I can help people, make people feel more positive, give them advice or just make em laugh. I'm no expert but I thoughtful and wise beyond my 41 years, plus my wife always says I'm really good at this kind of thing and she's usually right haha.

Thanks for reading !!

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Dr Jodz,

Welcome to the forums! It's great to have you here. Please don't be nervous, you'll find a lovely group of like-minded people who are here to discuss from the deepest and darkest stuff to just having a natter.

Good luck with finding your way around and reach out if you need anything 🙂

PS. I love Dr Who too.... Matt Smith is my fave (sometimes a controversial choice!)

Community Member

G'day Dr_Jodz,

I'm still quite new here too. Nice opening post and short story, I'm a +1 for Dr Who, +1 for lots of Music, +1 for Gaming, but haven't yet got into Rick and Morty.

Pc gaming, Elite Dangerous, Civilisation 6, Starcraft 2, Age of Empires 1,2,3. Quite a few others over the decades gaming back to the original commodore 64.

Music, most recently St Germain. Daft Punk. Alicia Keys.

Did you read all the beyond blue documents attached to clicking the checkbox for registering? Was too much for me.

My wife is also often right about what I am really good at!

I like wrestling too, especially in mixed martial arts, like the recent McGregor and Poirier UFC.

you party hard here, cu round.

Community Member

Thanks for the welcome - appreciate it. Hoping to be of help to someone who might need it and in turn help myself. Really want to be a Community Champion too eventually.

Love matt smith too - literally said last month i think he's my fave after a recent rewatch session haha.

Community Member

Thanks for the welcome DnG. Sound like you love your strategy games! good on ya. I play mostly in a group with my wife, her brother and his best buddy - we have fun times online!

Daft punk is up in my all time top faves. Prince, however, is my all time hero/god tho !! Love him.

yeah we watched the UFC last weekend too, was fun haha. My fave is either Japanese or American wrestling, just love the athleticism and the ridiculousness of the whole thing - makes me very happy.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Dr_Jodz, welcome and thanks for your support and sure you will come into benefitting many people on the forums.

As you and David have said, you like watching the wrestling, I'm exactly the same and remember years ago my twin and I went to the wrestling in Melbourne to watch all the great stars, Andre the giant, Kowalski with Jack Little as compere, it was great, never mind if it's rigged, it's still entertainment, then we would go out and wrestle on the nature strip, loved it.



Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi _Jodz I just want say welcome to the forums and profile picture caught my eye.You can guess what my favourite show is.I am really enjoying Jodie's run as the doctor and the childless storyline.I know I can say that here and not be laughed at or abused.The official fan Page is not good for my mental health.

I struggle with my mental health with depression,anxiety,PTSD and I have Autism and look after my two children with special needs.I hope to see you around the forums.

Take care,


Community Member

nice one Geoff haha - Andre? glory days haha

Yeah I've found that the older I've got the more i enjoy watching wrestling haha, even help out with a melbourne wrestling company now - love it!!

Thanks for the welcome!

Community Member

Thanks Mark! I too have enjoyed Jodie's Dr Who run so far. She's great. Wasn't a huge fan of the idea to have each episode completely independent, with no major story arch, during her first series tho, glad they changed it in her 2nd.

And yeah I tend to keep away from official forums - full of people that enjoy bringing others down for enjoying different things, bit like twitter haha - toxic!

Sorry to read your mental health struggles, but pleased that you can acknowledge them to, in turn, work towards one day overcoming them! Hope your little kiddies help with some inspiration for that too, we're trying for a kiddy atm after a few dramas the past 18months, so that's driving me atm!

If you ever need any DrWho discussions I'm around!


Community Member

Yo Doctor Jodz!

I have for a few days being replaying Daft Punks, Tron : Legacy album. I love it!

You may be interested to know that my father in law was the second Doctor Death in wrestling. He paid 500 pounds for the costume and right to be Doctor Death on stage, way way way back.

cu round.