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Need a friend

Community Member

Hi. I’m a 79 year old guy who finds it so hard to make friends that I’m virtually alone despite being married. I am very quiet and shy and don’t do any of the usual ‘blokey’ things. Would love to have someone to talk with online. Any takers?

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Hi Manalone, i'm in the same boat as you but live alone, no husband or pets and being an introvert makes life very very lonely. I also have anxiety issues but working hard to get myself a little better. I moved back to WA from Vic last year because i missed my family so much and they missed me but i hardly ever see them now so on my own again. Getting older is so damn hard. I'm 71 but somedays feel 91. I empathise with your situation.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Manalone,

Welcome to the forums. This is a great network to reach out on and make some friends. I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling some loneliness. I am married also and I do feel the same sometimes too. You feel the need for outside contact sometimes. What are your interests?

Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Manalone,

Welcome to the forum.

You're not alone here, many people including me are ready to listen and be your friends.

If you feel comfortable, please share your stories. We will support each other.


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Hi, I'm a 61 yr old lady, married but my husband is very quiet and not a great talker so I can understand how you feel

Up until recently I was always going out and busy, whilst he stayed home, now the situation is reversed and I feel homebound.

I would be happy to chat to you, I think the self talk in our heads convinces us nobody cares, I know it drives me crazy

Take care & know your not alone in feeling like this..

Regards from your new friend