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Name 3 things that you like about yourself

Community Champion
Community Champion

During this time of uncertainty with covid and all the lockdowns we have been experiencing lets share some positivity and self love. I will start with my 3 things......

1. I am caring

2. I am smart

3. I am healthy

Your turn!

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion


An excellent idea! Maybe 4 things in my case-

- considerate

- creative

- poetic

...4th would be handsomnism lol


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hi PV i would love to join in
1. Honest (too honest)
2. Kind

Community Champion
Community Champion

Positive vibes

I sometimes like

my ability to laugh at myself

my willingness to help others

my willingness to challenge myself

Community Champion
Community Champion

Great idea

Mine 😊

1. Kind

2. Positive

3. Open minded

Hahahaha I love the handsomeness that you threw in there!

They are excellent qualities specially honesty! Thats is a huge thing for me. I am sometimes very honest too. After experiencing much hurt from lies, I make it my mission the be honest with everyone!

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Aww I love this chain of self love!

Three things I like about myself are…

1. my smile

2. my laugh

3. my eyes

- Ace 🙂

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Here are my 3:

1. I'm poetic
2. I'm a good listener.
3. I like to pray for others.

You sound like a kind and sensitive soul. You have some nice qualities.