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Monthly Forums Update: Reflecting Back on August


Hi Everyone

    It’s great to have you a part of the community and we hope you stay connected. For information on a range of topics that support with managing your mental health during the pandemic, check out the Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service page, which includes resources on ‘Taking control in uncertain times’, ‘Why staying connected is so important’ and ‘The importance of establishing a routine. If you’re currently experiencing thoughts and feelings that are overwhelming or impacting your daily life, we’d encourage you to speak with a GP or mental health professional.

    If you’d like some support with finding a suitable health professional in your area, visit the ‘find a professional’ page on our website or check-in with one of the professional mental health counsellors at our Support Service - 1300 22 4636 / https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/get-immediate-support   for online chat & email (responses within 24 hours).

Community Voices: What are people talking about?

Struggling with School

I'm not sure how to say this, I find it so hard to write what I'm feeling and going through. I'm going to try, this may sound weird but here I go. I have been feeling down again, being stuck in lockdown has made it hard. I have felt a lot of pressure from school and home, people expect so much of me and I feel I don't live up to their expectations. - Someone-who-sleeps (Read more here)  

For the last few years I've gradually been loosing motivation to any school work, homework and I hardly study for exams. Now that I'm in year 12 and currently sitting trials, I realize how bad it has gotten. I've been expressing to friends and family that I have lost all motivation but it's getting worse and worse and every strategy that I try to cope with this doesn't work. My lack of motivation is so overpowering that I feel like I'm just watching my life go by but I can't do anything. - Abi_555 (Read more here)  

I'm a 16-year-old male in year 11, and I've been feeling quite depressed recently, or more than usual, which has made it difficult for me to function as well as I should. I've started CBT and taking antidepressants, but I'm worried that if I keep going at this rate, things will only get worse and I'll fall further behind in school and life. I'm at a loss as to what to do. – DetectivePanda (Read more here)

Supporting A Loved One’s Mental Wellbeing

What is my role now? I've done all the things i can think of. I've gone through the process of researching and organising therapists more times than I can count, but he needs to talk to them to make the appointment, and hasn't. I've invited him out of the house daily, he doesn't want to go. - Violet12 (Read more here)  

My friend is currently recovering from a catatonic episode that happened sometime last week, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice or experience in helping someone during these situations? This isn't her first episode, but it is the first to happen around other people and everyone was at a loss for what to do. – sinkingships (Read more here)  

I have spent this morning reading posts and replies and already feel reassured and not alone any more. I have admired the courage and resilience of those that post and the compassion and wisdom of those that reply. What a safe environment has been created here. My first enquiry is about how to support and encourage my 17 year old daughter after her confronting but apparently helpful experience of a 3 week residential in a youth program. – Belaine (Read more here)

Staying Well: Coping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this lockdown has been hard, COVID in general has been hard. Last year I just lost my father near Christmas from cancer in a different country, I was stuck there for 5 months (pretty much isolated) before I could come back to Sydney. When I got back here I had to undergo quarantine for 2 weeks, terrible experience. At least for a 1 I was able to work and go out; but then lockdown occurred and I feel as though there’s no more hope. I lost another special someone in my life due to cancer and this time I couldn’t attend the funeral. – Magicdragon (Read more here)

The words we choose are powerful. Instead of using the expression lock down, I think of it as "The current adjustment period". This expresses to me what we are all going through at the moment. Each one of us is adjusting to life as we have never experienced it before. By placing emphasis on the word "current" it allows me to stay in the now mentally. - Resilience21 (Read more here)

I was chatting with some friends the other day in a group text and we were talking about funny things we see on our daily lockdown walks.... Then we had a fab idea to do daily scavenger hunts on our walks and share the photos of it. Obviously, we can't share photos on here, but I thought it might be a bit of a different activity for those States in lockdown. - Gabs_ (Read more here)  

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BB News/Resources

  • Today on World Suicide Prevention Day, we’re sharing the stories of eight people who found a way through. For more information and to watch everyone’s story, click here 
  • Check out Coach Craig’s (our resident Mental Health Clinician) most recent conversation about helpful ways to turn emotional struggles into strength. Feel free to join the conversation here  

When you’re constantly worried about the mental health of a loved one, it can be easy to forget about your own wellbeing

Talking to someone in a safe space can help you figure out what you’re feeling and work through it.



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