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Monthly Forums Update: Reflecting Back on August


Hello Everyone,

We recognise the immense impact the coronavirus pandemic continues to have on one’s daily life. We are here to remind you that the forums community is available to talk things through and Beyond Blue’s Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service provides simple, practical information that’s reliable and relevant to help everyone to cope and stay well. We encourage everyone to seek support if they feel they need it. Our mental health professionals are available 24/7 at the Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service on 1800 512 348.

 Community Voices: What are people talking about?

Managing Trauma

(please be mindful that the below threads include experiences of abuse)

My name is Zoe and I am a long term survivor of cPTSD, anxiety, depression and OCD. Lately I have been struggling a great deal with my anger, particularly anger attacks and outbursts of rage. I have a couple of tools I have been given from therapy but I feel like I need more tools. - Zoe-PTSD,OCD,MDD,GAD (Read more here)

I’m definitely scared about unlocking memories but I also feel positive about it and keep telling myself it will be worth it. My psych has always said I have amazing insight, I’m very resilient and I’m a glass half full kind of person even when I’m feeling down ...and I think that has really helped give me the confidence to look at things from a different angle and realise I can do this ❤️ - Anzee (Read more here)  

Recalling trauma from childhood can come as a shock and be overwhelming and devastating, especially when it involves a person you trusted. Talking to your relative and telling them that you remember may be something that could help both of you come to terms with what has happened. If you're not ready to confront your mother, it's okay to avoid doing that. The things you do should help you heal - you're not compelled to do anything that you don't wish to do. - Emmen (read more here)

Coping Strategies 

I've found the idea by Stephen Covey of drawing a circle on paper & writing ALL the things that are WITHIN our influence / control inside that circle and those outside our control on the outside of that circle VERY helpful over the past few decades.ecomama (Read more here )

Going to meet someone for the first time who you are hoping to share some of your closest stories with is a big thing. Sometimes getting to know each other can take a few sessions and this is common. As ecomama has mentioned, sometimes it is good to go in with a list of your own goals. For example, it could be to gain diagnostic clarity, or learn skills to manage symptoms, or improve certain symptoms ie. reduce my worry around ___, become more confident at ___, or feel less stressed when I attend ___,... etc. etc...

Sometimes writing these things down can help as when many people attend appointments particularly with new health practitioners, it is normal to forgot things (this happens to me all the time). Another thing that can help is to keep a daily symptom diary leading up to the first appointment. ie. Each day, write down your mood, what worries you had, what were the triggers etc. This can sometimes help when you see your psychologist and they can see how you have been day to day in one snap shot. - Nurse Jenn (Read more here)  

A lot of the time we tend to focus on the critical voice inside which might be telling us why we're not so great. But there's a voice of self kindness in there too, even if it's hard to find sometimes.I am going to try and make it to 10 good qualities, even if it takes me a little while, and I'd love for you to join in.  - quince (Read more here)  

Living on my own during the coronavirus pandemic

I live alone in an apartment, and the Groundhog Day existence of working from home all day with the only highlights being a walk/cycle and a trip to the grocery store is getting to me. I can't fathom living like this for another year. Anyone else feel the same?  - DeepBlue1771 (Read more here)

I find living alone a bit intense during this time, so much is worse because of this, so much is harder, and it also feels like my loneliness is on display. I get much less regular contact and communication then people living together or with families...Sleepy21 (Read more here)

I'm currently in lockdown in Vic. I've lived with depression (and anxiety when things get bad) most of my life. It's been a tough year and I've had some really really low points, but I think I'm doing ok, considering. I meditate, try to move and try to make sure I reach out to people (I live alone). Even on 'good' days though, my dreams are terrible. I've always tended to bad dreams (it's often a first sign of depression getting bad). I started keeping a dream journal just to figure out why I wake up feeling awful and I've realised this is happening every night right now. kelpie5 (Read more here)

Valued Contributor Award

Our Valued Contributor for the month of August is Aphador!

Aphador has been nominated for their continued support across the forums, often providing a fresh and positive perspective when it comes to sharing support options and strategies to stay well. Thank you for being open about your own mental health journey while supporting others! 

To read more about what a Valued Contributor is and how you can nominate a fellow community member, please refer to our thread Nominate a Valued Contributor here .  

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Congratulations Aphador! Thank you for sharing your journey to this community. Hearing stories from others is healing to so many people.

Thank you,

Nurse Jenn