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Looking for support..

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Hi I’m a mum with 3 young kids and not getting along with husband fir a long time. I have no family in Sydney and regardless they offer little to no support. I have tried reaching out to my mother, father and brother and either get ignored or call returned several days later. None of them are in lockdown. I guess it’s making me feel even more isolated. I think everyone thinks I’m ‘strong’ and have my husband but he is absolutely no support and you can be very lonely in a marriage. I am putting on a brave face for my kids and making sure they are ok but just looking for some help and support for myself too. Any tips or kind words very much appreciated!! I have one lovely friend in Newcastle who I speak to daily and she is literally my lifeline but don’t want to put pressure on her to be my only support. Thank you
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Molly, a warm welcome to the site and thank you so much for posting your comment because you have made many friends already, although some people just read and don't reply doesn't mean they don't understand what you're saying, they do and hope you feel comfortable, we have your back.

Being lonely in a marriage or partnership is not exciting what's so ever and this will affect how you feel about yourself and with your children, although we know you love them, but it's hard to do this when you aren't happy yourself.

Trying to put on a brave face can work for a short time but as time progresses this even makes it more difficult to smile when you aren't getting the support you think you should and will begin to change how you react to different situations.

Can I ask if your friend in Newcastle talks about herself after listening to you, and if she does she is also feeling the pain you are suffering from herself, or she may be too worried, and I say this because we always think that the person we're able to talk with don't have any problems themselves.

Are you able to tell us whether you are renting or buying because this may help us to continue any advice we can give you to perhaps separating from your husband?

My best wishes.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Molly,

Welcome to the community here. I'm sorry to read you are feeling unsupported by your husband. Relationships can be difficult. It sounds like you are working hard on ensuring the children are okay.

While you are in lock down, are there different activities, crafts, play ideas you can do with the children to help you all get through this difficult time?

I find that family don't always know how to help, they don't realise just how tough life can be unless I explain it in very simple terms, and I know they have their own issues. It is hard though when we call out for help and feel like people are not listening.

I quite often phone Beyond Blue and Life line support people when I am really struggling, they are able to listen and come up with ideas and suggestions I had not thought of myself.

There are many wonderful and interesting threads here you can become involved in if you look at the social section.

Is there one thing you can do for yourself today that will help you feel a little bit better about your day? Kind regards from Dools