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Let's be honest: Does this forum help you or do you at times feel alienated?

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Hi this is my question, while I love that this website caters for all those who are in need of support... I feel somewhat more lonelier than before I asked this question. I cannot explain it, maybe it is because I have to wait for responses or because this similar to reddit where things need to be checked over before posting.

Trutthfully I feel lonelier using this website and lonelier, I usually call a hotline when I cry. When I ring a hotline, all I hear is music and as my mood flutuates i feel even more lonelier. It's not all the time that i feel this - I feel this when i feel i am at my most vulnerable moment. The music depresses me or the voice over depresses me... The music is not comforting and the advertisement or did you know facts aren't helping ... it's like i become desperate to hear a human voice after all that waiting.

This is a good resource and it sort of helps but not as much as I have desire for it to be.

Let me know your thoughts

Kind Regards


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Community Champion


I enjoy your questions and I too like asking questions.

I am sorry you feel lonely but I appreciate your honesty.

You have had some very helpful replies so I wont repeat them.

wonder if like me your mood affects how you feel about the forum. Is I am feeling low I know I feel a bit left out when a poster replies to other people but not me. Rationally I know it is easy to miss a post and it is nothing personal.

Some people like me feel more comfortable writing than talking so this forum suits us.

Talking to someone helps others but I can see music can be annoying.

It is good to get your honest feedback and I am glad you are part of the forum and you keep participating.

Take care


Hi Jennifer,
We appreciate your feedback about your experience on the forums and understand that it must be frustrating to have to wait for a response from the community. It sounds like you have made some brave efforts to reach out for support during your most vulnerable moments and we are sorry that you feel like you haven’t received the right support at these difficult times. As our community has touched on here, since the forums engage members to share their experiences related to various mental health issues, in order to ensure the safety of our members it is a moderated space and it may take time for your post to reach the community. We encourage you to continue to reach out and if you would like to talk things through further, feel free to get in touch with the modsupport team at modsupport@beyondblue.org.au. For any future insights about the forums we’d appreciate it if you can please post on our FAQ thread which can be found here:https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/welcome-and-orientation/the-forum-faq-thread... . In the meantime, we will be closing off this thread. Again we thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with us.